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Tomotherapy and Halcyon - 2 Types of Radiation

by Jane Ashley

When most people think of cancer treatment, they think of chemotherapy as the treatment. Many people don’t even realize that radiation is one of the “three legs of the stool” when it comes to treating cancer. 

Tomo Therpay With Patient

The three legs are:
• Chemotherapy and other medications
• Radiation
• Surgery

At least half of all cancer patients receive radiotherapy as their primary treatment or radiation as part of their treatment. Radiation may be part of a cure or can be used as a palliative treatment to...

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The Difference Between Neoadjuvant Therapy and Adjuvant Therapy

by Jane Ashley

When we think of cancer treatment, chemotherapy is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Chemo makes the news almost every day, in part because of its sometimes brutal side effects including hair loss, nausea/vomiting, fatigue and weight loss/weight gain. There are just over 250 chemotherapy drugs that are utilized in the treatment of all different types of cancer. 

Neo Adjuvant

We may think, “Well, chemo is chemo.”

That’s true, but chemotherapy is used in different ways for different...

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Be Prepared: 22 Things to Bring to Chemo

by Brittany McNabb

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Background: is an online support network developed in partnership with the American Cancer Society that helps help cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers gain firsthand insight into living with cancer and connect with others facing a similar diagnosis. Members of are sometimes referred to as "WhatNexters."

Your first chemo treatment is coming up and you’re not sure what to expect. Here is a quick list of things other WhatNexters have brought to their first...

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12 Ways To Battle Metallic Taste From Chemo

by GregP_WN

Most people who are given Chemo will go through periods of bad taste in the mouth , where everything you eat tastes like metal, this is called Dysgeusia (a change in the sense of taste) it may occur during or after cancer treatment.

Bad Taste 

Some foods may taste different than they did in the past, some foods may taste bland, or every food may taste the same. Specifically, bitter, sweet, and salty foods may taste different, and some people may have a metallic or chemical taste in their mouth,...

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