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How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

by GregP_WN

Answer: In most cases, it takes about 3-10 months after the end of chemotherapy treatment for hair to grow back.

Young Girl Smiling


In case you didn't know, Cancer itself isn’t responsible for hair loss (which is also called alopecia). Hair loss is actually caused by certain types of treatments—namely, chemotherapy. Chemo blasts healthy cells as well as cancer cells, including the cells that make hair follicles; however, not everyone with cancer loses their hair. It depends on the addition of...

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Sleep: The Best Medication, It's Benefits and How to Get More

by Jackie Edwards

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer patients are twice as likely to experience insomnia, and almost half of cancer patients have trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Fears of the future and uncertainty about treatments are troubling ideas that would keep anyone awake. However, lack of sleep is highly detrimental to your body and is shown to determine how well your body can fight cancer and promote recovery and progression.

Sleep, The Best Medication, It's Benefits And How To Get More

Benefits of Sleep

We all need sleep to help rejuvenate...

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4 Tips for Battling Neuropathy

by Brian English

It’s an unfortunate reality that chemotherapy and other drugs that fight cancer can often damage peripheral nerves. As a result, chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment. This syndrome can result in feelings of numbness, burning sensation, pain, and tingling in the extremities, as well balance issues, and more.

4 Tips For Battling Neuropathy

On top of the other body blows that come with chemotherapy treatment, these after effects can just seem like insult to...

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What it's Like to Have Chemotherapy

by Brian English

The What’s It Like? Blog Series

Obviously, the Internet is often the first stop for any new patient seeking information on what life with cancer is all about. But at WhatNext, we feel that our community offers what many online sites don’t: valuable personal experience from real cancer patients. 

What's It Like To Have Chemotherapy

Sure, sites like can offer a comprehensive and dispassionate breakdown of various cancer topics. But WhatNexters delivers straight talk from the patients who’ve lived it.

In our What’...

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Radiation - How it Can Affect Your Body

by GregP_WN

Our Blog Post today is part of a series of experiences submitted by WhatNexter "CJGriggs1", about radiation and its side effects.

Radiation How It Can Affect Your Body

Radiation therapy is a local treatment. Therefore, it only affects the area of the body where the tumor is located. For example, people do not usually lose their hair from having radiation therapy. This is only true if the radiation is not aimed at a part of the body that grows hair, such as the scalp. 

Johnny Blue Laster Targeting Radiation Mask

Skin problems - Many people who receive radiation...

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Psychological Side Effects of Cancer and How to Deal

by Brittany McNabb

Cancer affects both the body as well as the mind. According to WhatNexters, they often experience mental and emotional side effects of cancer while still battling the physical side effects. Here are a few side effects you may have experienced and ways to fight off the mental difficulties.

How To Deal With Psychological Side Effects Of Cancer

Keep in mind that everyone is different; coping mechanisms that work for you might not work for someone else. However, it can be helpful to implement some of these ways to find out if they will help you...

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17 of the Strangest Things that I’ve Noticed from Having Cancer

by Brittany McNabb-WhatNext

Cancer can cause many strange or different things to happen to your body. We recently posted a question on Facebook asking about some of the weirdest changes survivors have noticed about themselves since having cancer, below is a summary of what was shared. Feel free to add your own experiences in the comments section.

1. Fast-growing leg hair (some say like a forest)

Hairy Legs                                   ...

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Dealing With Some of the Toughest Side Effects of Cancer

by Brittany McNabb-WhatNext

Some WhatNexters say the side effects of cancer “may get worse before it gets better.” Here are some of the ways WhatNexters have made it through those common side effects and a few positive outlooks shared by WhatNexters who have come out on the other end. This information is from WhatNexters and should not be substituted for medical advice.

Side Effects

How People Will React
While not medical, a big side effect of cancer is coping with the way people will react to your diagnosis. Not everyone will...

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