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What Are - Out of Network Surprise Billings?

by Jane Ashley

You may have heard some stories about out-of-network billings performed at in-network hospitals — sometimes, these are called “SURPRISE” billings because you weren’t expecting to get a bill that wouldn’t be covered, or only partially-covered, because you had your surgery, procedure, or test performed at an in-network facility.

Understand Your Insurance

What is an out-of-network billing?

According to, an out-of-network bill is from a physician, hospital, or another facility (like an imaging...

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Understanding Your Insurance Plan

by Jane Ashley

For many of us, we’ll have a new health insurance plan in 2019. Even if we stay with the same company, more than likely, there will be changes in our plan that will impact our finances and coverage. Whether we have health insurance through our employer, through the Affordable Healthcare Act, Medicare/Medicare Advantage or Medicaid, the plans are complex and impact our cash expenditures.

So Many Choices

Between now and January 1st, it’s a good idea to look at the details of our 2019 health insurance plan...

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