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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

by Jane Ashley

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Approximately 13, 240 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed annually in the United States. Before the Pap smear, cervical cancer was a common cause of death in women. Pap smears have dramatically decreased the death rate from cervical cancer. 

Cervical Cancer Preventable

What is cervical cancer?

The cervix is the lower long, narrow part of a woman’s uterus. Cervical cancer begins slowly with abnormal cells appearing gradually. These abnormal cells are called dysplasia...

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2X Cancer Survivor, College Graduate, Before Age 26

by GregP_WN

Sara Bedard is a 26-year-old young Lady, a 2X cancer survivor, and a college graduate. The inspiring part about this is that she didn't know if she could survive cancer, much less be able to graduate College while in treatment. She is our WhatNexter of the Week, and this is her story. 

Sara After Surgery

Just a few years ago cancer was something I never expected would play a huge part in my life and boy was I wrong. In 2015 my mother passed away from Ovarian cancer. At the time, I was working a part-time...

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WhatNexter of the Week-"LirasGirl33"

by GregP_WN

Our WhatNexter of the week is LirasGirl33, she is a Stage IV Cervical cancer survivor/fighter and an inspiration to anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer. She tells me how it started, her treatments and progress through her prognosis and outlook on life to come. She is an example of how to "Live Your Life...Not Your Cancer", because she is always doing the things she loves despite her fight with cancer. 



Gladis on top of a mountain she just climbed, this while...

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