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Amazing Things: Sandy Kyrkostas - Victory Over Stage IV Colon Cancer

by GregP_WN

Originally Posted on Health Matters, Stories of Science, Care, and Wellness by New York Presbyterian

When this TV and film producer was diagnosed at 47 with aggressive colon cancer, doctors gave him little hope – until he met Dr. Manish Shah.

Sandy And Michelle Kyrkostas

Sandy Kyrkostas isn’t the kind of guy who lets life’s little challenges get in his way.

So in late 2013, when he noticed he was having diarrhea, coughing a bit, and occasionally feeling dizzy, he went to the drugstore to get some meds. He also made an...

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The Top 10 Questions Colon Cancer Patients Are Asking

by GregP_WN

When we are diagnosed with cancer we immediately have all sorts of things running through our minds. Questions start popping up about everything from will I die, to will treatment hurt, and how long will all of this take? A survey of our WhatNext Colon Cancer Community revealed these top 10 questions that colon cancer patients are asking. 

1) Does a port implant hurt to have put in?

Port Installation

"I am having a power port done on Saturday because my veins keep blowing. I have been told...

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Hope And The Stage IV Diagnosis

by Jane Ashley

Every cancer patient remembers the day of diagnosis. I refer to that day as “the day time stood still.” The common thread for every story is the deep, gut-wrenching fear that grips you. Some people cry while others sit quietly. Everyone tries to understand the enormity of what they’ve just heard.

Hope And The Stage Iv Diagnosis

Rectal bleeding prompted my referral to a colorectal surgeon. A colonoscopy confirmed I had rectal cancer. The surgeon scheduled chest, abdomen, and pelvic CT scans along with a rectal MRI and told...

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So You're Getting a Colostomy? This is What it's Like

by Michael Holtz

So You're Getting A Colostomy

Editor's Note - Our Blog Post today is from Michael Holtz, a WhatNexter and Stage 3b-colon cancer survivor who has been through treatment and dealt with everything that a cancer diagnosis throws at us, then was given the news that he would have to wear a colostomy bag. Not only has he dealt with it like a boss but has gone on to prove to himself and everyone who will notice, that having a colostomy doesn't mean your life and all your activities are over. Have a read of his contribution...

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A WhatNexter's Fight - Colon Cancer - Still Standing After Surgery, Chemo, Radiation

by GregP_WN

WhatNexter of The Week RobieFlores' Story 

Hi, my name is Robert Anthony Flores, but you can call me Robbie. In December of 2011 I told my primary Dr. that I thought I had a hemorrhoid , I had blood in my stool, and that I also had a cyst on my bottom left buttock. I'm a meat cutter, and I had no obvious symptoms. No lack of appetite, no fatigue. 

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So my Dr. attempted to remove my cyst , he tried for two hours took out what he could and sewed me up. 10 days later I go...

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From War to Journey: How I Faced Colorectal Cancer Head-On

by Brittany McNabb

WhatNexter Azsuper is a great example of someone who has met cancer head-on, empowered himself by getting "in the know" about his illness, and exercised his courage against a disease that has affected both sides of his family. Fred is an active and inspiring participant on the site. Here he tells his journey that starts almost exactly one year ago to present-day where he will be finishing chemotherapy at the end of the summer. 

Fred Azsuper

“It is not if we get cancer, it is when we get cancer”...

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