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11 Cancer Myths - And Truths

by Jane Ashley

As if it’s not bad enough to be diagnosed with cancer, it’s even worse when our friends, co-workers, and relatives share things that they have heard about cancer. They mean well, but many myths are floating around the internet. It’s time that we separate truth from fiction. Here are some of the common myths about cancer that simply are not true.

11 Cancer Myths And Truths

Chemo Kills – Not Cancer 

This myth is not just a myth. It’s also a dangerous myth that may scare people from seeking potentially curative...

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5 Cancer Myths

by Brian English

They are spread by the media. They pop up on the Internet. You read them in email chains. On blogs. And in online forums. And often – perhaps most of all – you hear them in the hospital. They are the popular myths and rumors about cancer.

5 Cancer Myths

You don’t have to be part of the cancer community too long before you’re well versed nearly every “popular” cancer rumor and misconception. And, in an equally short time, certain of these persistent lines of bull you-know-what can make you crazy. As with...

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