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How Can You Be Happy When Dealing With Cancer?

by GregP_WN

WhatNexter "JHale17" recently posed this question to the Community about getting back to being "happy" when dealing with cancer. The questions are; can you, did you ever lose happiness, were you happy to begin with? There is a lot to consider, but happiness is a state of mind, and if you can control your view of your life, your space in the world, and compare that to others, you may find it's easier to be happy than you think!

How Do You Be Happy When Dealing With Cancer


Some people never actually lose their happiness. They have the...

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Become the Happiest Person You Know

by Brittany McNabb

Someone recently asked, 'Can a person be happy 24/7?' It seems a little out of reach for people battling cancer. But not impossible, right? 

Become The Happiest Person You Know

The news of having cancer, cancer treatment, scanxiety, annoying side effects of chemotherapy, and constant doctor appointments can make "24/7 happiness" seem impossible. However, there are concrete ways to become a happy person with cancer just like there are truly happy habits to put into place and scientifically proven ways to be happy. Here are...

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