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Gratitude And Humility - How To Get It

by GregP_WN

How do you get gratitude and humility? First, get yourself a life threatening disease, maybe 4 different versions of it to be sure you get the message that you are not invincible. Then get together with a big group of your closest friends and family just before you go in for a forever life changing, hopefully life saving surgery. 

Dinner Donna's Shirt

This is going to take a minute to cover all of this, so get some popcorn and a drink.

First, I should explain a little background for anyone that doesn't...

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10 "Positive" Things In A 4th Cancer Diagnosis-Wait....What?

by GregP_WN

Getting diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a person in their lifetime. All of the trauma, the expenses, the worry, scars and body deformations, side effects, and a hundred more things to go along with it make for the worst year (or more) of your life. As bad as all this gets, there are some positive things a person can find around them even when they have been diagnosed with cancer. 

I Am Thankful

But what about after a second diagnosis? Having to do all of that...

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Achieving Personal Wellness With an Attitude of Gratitude

by Brittany McNabb

Part of the cancer journey is learning to thrive with tools like positivity, hope, and gratitude. Gratitude is a specific choice to change your perspective and view your situation with thankfulness and appreciation. A genuine feeling of thankfulness can be difficult when cancer comes into your life. However, for those WhatNexters who have learned to embrace gratitude, it seems to lighten their load.

Achieving Personal Wellness With Gratitude

Gratitude is not a blind acceptance of a situation. Gratitude is a calculated choice to view...

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