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15 More Things Cancer Taught Me

by GregP_WN

When you get the diagnosis, and the Doctor tells you, "you have cancer", life as you knew it has stopped, ceased to exist, and now your new life with cancer, has taken over. 

Things Cancer Taught Me

Ask any person on the street that hasn't had cancer what they know about cancer and you will get lots of generic answers. Like, "it's terrible", "it's a killer", "my Mom died from that", or "you don't have long to live" and old standards like "you get it from smoking" and "a bad diet caused it". There may be some...

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20 Life Lessons I Want My Family to Know

by Brittany McNabb

"As a cancer survivor myself, I can say that before cancer I didn't think many "life lessons" were important; I had other things on my mind which I think many of us do. But after a cancer diagnosis I saw what could quickly be taken from me. Then, the "little" things in life become big things and it seems we see things more clearly. I want others to know what can be important in life." - GregPWN

Life Lessons I Want My Family To Know

1. Love without reservation. 

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"Love without...

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