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Depression and Cancer

by Jane Ashley

Every cancer patient says that the diagnosis was a shock. After the news settles in and we begin to process our new reality, we may begin to feel many different emotions. Feeling distressed, down, anger or weepy is totally normal when we are first diagnosed, but how long should these deep, dark feelings last? Is it normal to feel this way? Or could our feelings be signs of depression?


What are the symptoms of depression?

It’s normal to experience strong reactions to our diagnosis, but if...

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6 Ways to Deal With the Waiting Game of Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

No one enjoys waiting. But, the waiting game gets more serious when you are waiting on cancer. Whether you are waiting for news of your diagnosis, scans, or waiting to be done with this whole business - waiting can be hard. Here are a few ways to deal with the waiting part of cancer from WhatNexters themselves. 

Deal With The Waiting Game Of Cancer

"I'm scared to ask "What next?" but it's all I can think about. All I can hope for is that things get better when you know I'm in treatment." - Rosina 

While you are ...

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