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Financial Assistance Resources For Cancer Patients

by Jane Ashley

Perhaps you’ve never heard the term – financial toxicity – the National Cancer Institute defines it as the problems a patient encounters due to the cost of medical care. Cancer patients are two to three times more likely to file bankruptcy as healthy people.

Financial Toxicity

Why? Even with insurance, the cost of cancer care, along with related expenses, is beyond what anyone expects. Until we’ve received our first bill, we have no idea what cancer care costs.

Health Insurance – Does It Protect A Family?


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5 Places to Turn For Help With Cancer Expenses

by GregP_WN

We’ve been talking a lot about the increasing cost of cancer* and how to fix it** over the last few months. Everyone would love to see cancer treatment become more affordable, but until that day comes many of us need help to pay for treatment. The key word is HELP: We’re not looking for this guy to swoop in and save the day:


No one likes the stress and financial burden of paying for cancer treatment, but we don’t want to just pass that burden on to someone else. And given a choice, most of...

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