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13 Things Cancer Patients Want You to Know About Cancer

by Jane Ashley

We face approximately a one in three lifetime risk of developing cancer. The diagnosis is one of the most frightening events that will ever happen to us — regarding of our sex, age, race or economic status, we all face the risk of cancer — and money alone is not enough to save our life. Our response to treatment and our overall health are contributing factors to surviving cancer along with being diagnosed at an early stage.

Young Adults

In reality, there are only three categories of people.
Those who...

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What Is the NCCN and Why You Should Download Their Treatment Guidelines

by Jane Ashley

Many cancer patients have never heard of the NCCN.


So what is the NCCN? And why is it important to me? The NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) is a coalition of 27 prominent cancer centers committed to patient care and cancer research to improve the quality and effectiveness of care.

You may think this means meetings and conferences just for oncologists, surgeons and other cancer treatment specialists. But the NCCN is committed to improving care on a day-to-day basis whether the...

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Shouldn't My Doctor Know My Health History?

by Brian English

When you have cancer, you get used to side effects. There are side effects to everything. Side effects from chemo. Side effects from radiation. They’re not fun. But there’s one little-known side effect of cancer that really drives patients crazy: constant repetition.

Shouldn't My Doctor Know My Health History

Because when you have cancer, you see doctors. Lots of them . And every time you see a new doctor (or even your own doctor), you find yourself re-capping your entire health history. Over and over. Again and again.

WhatNexter ...

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Things I Wish I Knew About Cancer.....Before I Got Cancer

by Brian English

Cancer. You’ve been there, done that. And you’ve got the scars (physical and emotional) to prove it. Along the way, you’ve learned a lot. About yourself. About your friends and loved ones. About, well … life in general. And that’s some hard-won knowledge.

Things I Wish I Knew About Cancer Before I Got Cancer

Wouldn’t it have been nice to at least had a preview of these experiences? It may not have made things any less scary or intimidating, but at least you would have been ready, you could have girded yourself for what was to come.

At WhatNext,...

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9 Things to Know When You are Diagnosed With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Many WhatNexters can feel like they are entering this cancer business in the dark. But, once you've been diagnosed, fought like crazy, and come out on the other side - you might feel like an expert. This means that new cancer patients don't have to feel alone. Here are 9 things WhatNexters have shared about cancer that might help others before they are diagnosed or while they are fighting. 

9 Things To Know When You Are Diagnosed With Cancer

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4 Reasons Why It's Important to be Informed About Your Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

If you are informed about your cancer diagnosis, it may be easier to follow your treatment plan, take your medications, and be an active advocate for your health. You may know what cancer is, what type you have, and maybe the stage, but how much do you really know about your cancer?

Be Informed About Your Cancer

In a new study published in the journal  Cancer, a physician at a cancer institute revealed that out of 500 breast cancer patients, only 20-58% of women could specify their tumor characteristics accurately....

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