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Liquid Biopsy - What They Are, How They Work

by Jane Ashley

Most of us know what a biopsy is — a biopsy is a procedure where a sample of tissue is removed to determine if a tumor or suspicious area contains cancer cells. The tissue sample is removed by a surgical procedure (either a small sample is obtained, or the entire lump is removed) or by a needle.

Liquid Biopsy

Most people haven’t heard about another kind of biopsy. It’s called a liquid biopsy.

What is a liquid biopsy?

Technically, a liquid biopsy is a body fluid sample (usually blood) to find significant...

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Biopsies: A Primer

by Brian English

The biopsy is usually the first step to diagnosing cancer. And “biopsy” is a term so often heard that people can get the impression that one biopsy is about the same as another. But that’s definitely not the case.

Biopsies A Primer

Biopsies are often discussed by WhatNexters, and there can sometimes be confusion; two forum members can be discussing biopsies, but since each are being treated for different forms of cancer, it’s likely that they experienced entirely different types of biopsy. So without...

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