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Caregiver - The Toughest Job You'll Ever Have

by Jane Ashley

Caregivers wear many hats — they act as scheduler, insurance coordinator, transportation manager, chief cook, and chief bottle washer, plus so much more. They act as second ears at doctor’s appointments. They encourage us when we’re down. They keep the household going, picking up the slack.

Comfort And Support

But caregivers are so much more. Caregivers are our cheerleaders to help boost our spirits. They entice us to eat. They remind us when it’s time to take our medications. They keep up with our medicals...

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Practical Tips For Caregivers

by Jane Ashley

Most of us are not prepared for the responsibilities that we assume when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. We instantly become a “CAREGIVER” — we don’t have any experience for role we are about to assume.

Help With Bathing

Just remember that every patient’s reactions to treatment are different — it helps to be flexible and adjust your routine as different needs arise. Never refuse an offer for help. Cancer treatment can take a long time. Accepting help from others will help prevent caretaker burnout.


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Cancer Care - Reflections From A Caregiver

by Miguel Barron

In 2019, I published a book entitled The Boxer’s Corner. The book was a semi-real time account of my experience as a caregiver during my late wife’s battle with metastatic cancer. In the book I recount the pain, frustration and isolation I felt in my role as husband, father and caregiver during my wife’s agonizing battle.

Cancer Care Miguel

But in addition to the human component of our experience, the book also touched on a number of issues relating to her treatment that I believe exposed shortcomings in her...

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