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Rare Disease Day - An Opportunity to Educate and Advocate

by Jane Ashley

Rare Disease Day, the last day of February every year, is a day to raise awareness of rare diseases throughout the world. We, at, hope to raise awareness of rare types of cancer on this day.

Rare Disease Day

What is the definition of a rare disease?

In the United States, a disease is considered rare if it affects less than 200,000 people at any one time. Europeans define a rare disease as one that affects less than 1 in every 2,000 people. Worldwide, there are at least 6,000 rare diseases.


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Research Means Hope for Rare Cancers

by Tonya Nelson

The last day of February each year marks Rare Disease Day, a time to raise awareness for the diseases many have never heard of or know very little about. There are 7,000 rare diseases, which affect 30 million Americans. The American Cancer Society estimates this year nearly 13%, or 1 in 8, of cancer diagnoses, among those 20 and older will be rare cancers. That means over 200,000 rare cancer diagnoses in 2017.

Rare Disease Day February 28

This year’s Rare Disease Day celebrates research and what it means for these...

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5 Great Resources For When You Have a Rare Cancer

by GregP_WN

Typically, people associate the word “rare” with either a) a way to prepare your steak, or b) something valuable and unique. Unfortunately, that’s not the case if you have a rare cancer . Along with the usual uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, there’s that extra layer of anxiety that comes from having something that even your doctor doesn’t fully understand.

Rare Cancer Quote

If doctors don’t know much about your cancer, what hope do you have? We get that feeling…but there are resources.

One of the first...

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