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Questions to Ask at Your First Oncologists Appointment

by GregP_WN

When you're diagnosed with cancer you may experience what some people describe as a "blacked out" type of sensation. You are looking at the doctor, he's explaining what you have, and maybe even going through the steps that are to come next, but you are not hearing it, or cannot remember what the doctor said. 

Questions For Doctor

This is why it's a good idea to have someone with you when you go to all office visits. Your partner can help remember, take notes, and ask questions that you have thought about...

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Things to Ask Your Oncologist on the First Visit

by Brian English

The moments after your cancer diagnosis can be a whirlwind. Your mind is racing. It can be quite a shock and one that can take significant time from which to recover. And it’s not only possible but very likely that you’ll still be in a bit of a fog when it’s time to meet your oncologist for the first time.

Things To Ask Your Oncologist On The First Visit

All of it will seem like a blur at the time. But the initial stages of your treatment are critical. And you’ll want to be sure that you show up to that first visit with your...

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