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5 Gift Suggestions for Cancer Patients

by Brian English

Now that the holidays are here, family and friends are plotting to get something special for the cancer patients in their lives. Here in the WhatNext, we realize that this can be difficult territory to navigate. What’s the perfect gift for a cancer patient? This question alone can tie people into knots.

5 Heartwarming Gifts For Cancer Patients What Next Blog

We asked the WhatNext community what kind of gifts that they’d like around this time of year. And hopefully this list of five things to get (along with a short rundown of what NOT to get)...

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Gifts Cancer Patients Would Love to Receive

by GregP_WN

Dealing with cancer is mentally, physically and financially draining on cancer patients and their Families. We asked the WhatNext Community what gifts they would like to receive from someone during their treatments or recovery that would be helpful. Here is a list to consider giving anyone you know that's fighting cancer. 

Gifts Cancer Patients Would Love

1) Free House Cleaning - You can either drop by and do the cleaning yourself or set up a local professional cleaning Company to do it, or contact Cleaning For A...

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