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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

by GregP_WN

You have probably heard this question at some point in your life. Especially if you've lived in the business world for many years, applied for a job at certain companies, been up for a promotion, etc. someone has probably asked you this at some point in your life. 

Me And Sweetie

Your Answer Will Be Dependent On Your Current Situation. 

What was your answer? What would your answer be 5 years from that point? What would your answer be today? It changes all the time, right?

If you start on the day...

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Cancer Leaves a Mark - Again and Again

by GregP_WN

You've heard that saying when someone gets smacked upside the head by a swing set or some other crazy thing happens in a video on AFV, "that's gonna leave a mark". When you have cancer it leaves a mark too. Several of them, some are obvious, some are subtle, and some are hidden. With a history with cancer that covers 32 years of my life, I have a lot of marks, these are just a few of the latest ones. 

Cancer Leaves A Mark, Behind Every Scar Is A Story

Speaking, or the inability to - One of the most profound marks my latest round of...

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A Cancer Patient's New Year's Resolutions

by Jane Ashley

When we have cancer, we may be prone to “put our lives on hold” or hit the “pause” button on life. But we live every day … regardless of whether we have cancer or not. 

Happy New Year 2020

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions for you to consider:

Get out of the house more often. If you don’t do anything but walk out to the mailbox every day, that’s a good start. You might see a neighbor and be sociable too.
Appreciate and enjoy your friends and family. Maybe not everyone in your circle of friends and...

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You Are NED! Great....What is it?

by Jane Ashley

As cancer patients, we hear our fellow patients proclaim, “I’m still NED.” They seem happy to be NED so we nod in agreement and ask ourselves, “What is NED?”

You Are Ned Great What Is It

NED is the acronym for “No Evidence of Disease.”  

On a related note: It's also the name of a Band, A unique band of six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the country, N.E.D. is taking healing and the arts to a new level. Created as a cover band to entertain their peers at a medical conference, they saw the...

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Is Cancer REALLY Over, When It's Over?

by GregP_WN

From the time of diagnosis, through all of the surgeries, treatments, fighting the side effects and everything else that comes with a cancer diagnosis, you have heard "stay strong, it will be over soon ". But is cancer really over, when it's over? 

Is Cancer Really Over When It's Over

Your average person will not understand what we survivors mean. How can it not be over? You're not taking treatments any longer, the doctor said you were good to go. All we have to do now is come back for checkups, the occasional scan or...

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When Cancer is Over, Is it Really Over?

by Brian English

This is the day. You step out of the hospital, out into the fresh air and breathe deep. This is the day you’ve dreamt about.

I Survived Cancer

It could be the day you hear you cancer is in remission. It could be the last day of a course of chemo. It’s the day when you get away from tests and treatments. The day you re-join the day-to-day world.

“Finally,” you think. “It’s over.”

Well … sort of.

Does cancer really end? When cancer is “over,” is it really over? It’s another aspect of the disease that every...

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Cancer's New Normal - What You Need to Know

by Greg Pierce

You get the diagnosis, you go through your treatment (chemo and radiation—yay!), and then suddenly the cancer crisis period is over. Now what?

Cancer's New Normal

Some people want to get back to their life BC—Before Cancer. Some people feel inspired to make a drastic change. Regardless of what you want, you can’t deny that this journey has changed you, and instead of searching for and old normal, you get to create a new normal.

But how?

Well, here’s our top 5 ways to help you through that transition.


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