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How to Hold a Fundraiser for Cancer-Tips for Success

by Heather Erickson

Cancer can take a terrible toll on a family’s finances. One way of lightening the load is to hold a fundraiser or “benefit.” I’m often asked about ideas for raising finances for a cancer patient. I thought I’d share not only those ideas but our personal experience as, well.

Erickson Family

Do you have the Support?

The biggest key to success is support. When choosing a benefit, consider whether or not you can get people to participate. People are more likely to participate if they have a personal interest in...

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Sell Your Life Insurance...Before You Die??

by GregP_WN

We all know that the purpose of life insurance is to take care of those final expenses, provide money for the family to live on after our death, to pay off some debt and provide some financial relief for our family when we die. But did you know you can collect on that life insurance before you die? And in cases of extreme medical expenses, this could be a source of funds for you.

Sell Your Life Insurance...Before You Die

Several Companies will buy your life insurance policy, all or part of it while you are still alive, and...

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