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Could a Second Opinion Save Your Life?

by Jane Ashley

We, as cancer patients, are often advised to get a second opinion. Yet, many of us don’t understand exactly what a second opinion is, how to get a second opinion and how a second opinion might benefit us. Second opinions are particularly important when we are first diagnosed or when our cancer recurs.

Confirm Your Diagnosis

Both my surgeon and my oncologist told me that if I ever had any questions about if a treatment or procedure was right for me that I shouldn’t hesitate to get a second opinion. They assured me...

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Is it Too Late for a Second Opinion?

by Brian English

The second opinion is standard operating procedure once you discover that you’re going to be a cancer patient. And it’s an important step. Cancer patients are encouraged – perhaps more than people with any other condition – to get second and even third opinions before starting treatment.

Get A Second Opinion

The reason second opinions are so crucial is that it’s possible to get a slightly different diagnosis, which, of course, would then alter the course of one’s recommended treatment.

But WhatNexter KC49 posed...

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