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Should You Wear A Mask? Yes.

by Jane Ashley

“Should I wear a face mask?” has become an emotionally-charged question these days. You may be wondering what’s right for you as a cancer patient or survivor.

Wear A Cloth Mask

First and foremost, follow the advice of your oncologist — they know your particular situation and condition and will advise you as to what’s best for your situation.

Why should we wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic?

First and foremost, wearing a mask helps slow down the spread of COVID-19. You may see that the recommendations...

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What To Order At The WhatNext Virtual Cafe?

by Jane Ashley

Some of you might remember Greg, our patient leader, posting what he was going to eat as his last meal before his laryngectomy. His wife asked him what he wanted as his “Last Meal.” Greg received some great menu ideas.

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So we fast forward to two months later, and eating out at restaurants is no longer an option. Depending on where you live, it’s either mandatory or optional to “shelter-in-place.” Our already stressful life as a cancer patient in active treatment or as a cancer survivor is...

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What Cancer Patients Need To Know About The Coronavirus

by Jane Ashley

The first fact to remember is that the worldwide coronavirus outbreak is a very fluid situation. Almost every day brings more news — more cases, new cases in another country, and more than a little bit of panic among many people. So gird yourself with some courage and self-restraint. You don’t need a month's worth of groceries at home, and you don’t need to stock up on bottled water.

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Follow the advice of your oncologist. Every cancer center is carefully monitoring the coronavirus outbreak....

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