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Stem Cell Transplants - What They Are and What They Do

by Jane Ashley

A stem cell transplant is a treatment for blood cancers. It’s used to treat certain types of leukemia, some kinds of lymphoma and to treat multiple myeloma.

Northside Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

It used to be referred to as a bone marrow transplant because the stem cells were extracted from the bone marrow. Now, stem cells are harvested from the blood so they are referred to as stem cell transplants. But they are the same medical procedure, regardless of which terminology is used.

Who needs a stem cell transplant?

Stem cell...

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14 Things I Wish I Had Known Before a Stem Cell Transplant

by Brittany McNabb

Stem cell transplant is a common form of treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and neuroblastoma. The purpose of a stem cell transplant procedure is to replenish the body with healthy cells after treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If you are undergoing a stem cell transplant or if it is an option in your treatment plan, here are some firsthand insights from WhatNexters on what they wish they had known before going into the surgery. 

What I Wish I Had Known About A Stem Cell Transplant

1. Nurses are...

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