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10 Effective Ways to Overcome Exercise Obstacles

by Jane Ashley

Most of us want to get more exercise, but there’s always a reason or excuse as to why we never succeed. For patients in active treatment, exercise helps reduce fatigue. For us cancer survivors, 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week cuts the risk of recurrence by 40 to 50 percent.

First Step

Sadly, many survivors don’t exercise. But exercise improves our quality of life . We’re stronger and have more energy. We become more flexible and can do more of our favorite things again. So what can we do...

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Getting Active After Chemotherapy - Every Little Bit Counts

by GregP_WN

A cancer diagnosis may seem like it puts a damper on your exercise routine. Whether exercise was or was not an important part of your life before your diagnosis, a lot of WhatNexter’s find that it is important to get active and stay in shape after chemotherapy. The thing is, every little bit counts. Below is some information that cancer patients may want to know about what exercise can do for them after cancer treatment.

Staying Active

The most reliable and trustworthy source to go for information is your...

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Why Starting an Exercise Plan is Easier than You Think: Ideas from Other WhatNexter’s

by GregP_WN

Maybe you are experiencing fatigue or lack of energy before, during, or after cancer treatment, maybe you are feeling down on yourself, or maybe you just feel like you need to get moving - starting an exercise plan could be easer than you think. WhatNexter’s have all been there; they have had to determine what exercise plan would work for them. It may take a few tries. Here are some ideas from other WhatNexter’s on how you may be able to make exercise work for you.


Remember to consult your...

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