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The Complicated Life of Being The Caregiver

by Jane Ashley

As if being diagnosed with cancer is not bad enough, working out the logistics of a prolonged and complex treatment might prove even harder. I sometimes think of those early days after my diagnosis when my husband, who was my caregiver, and I were so naïve about what we would be facing with my Stage IV rectal cancer diagnosis.

The Complicated Life Of Being A Caregiver

But we did make one commitment to each other, and that was that we would try to navigate this terrible diagnosis “one day at a time.” But in looking back at those...

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Palliative Care - Finding Symptom Relief

by Jane Ashley

Confused about what palliative care is? Has someone suggested that you receive palliative care but you’re afraid that it’s the same thing as hospice? There is quite a bit of confusion about palliative care and how it may benefit cancer patients.

Palliative Care Finding Symptom Relief

What is palliative care?

Palliative care seeks to relieve a patient’s symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life. Palliative care provides patients relief from both the symptoms of their disease and the symptoms created by their treatment.


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My Mom, My Angel - A Son's View of Fighting Cancer

by Layne Compston

Our guest blog post today is from Layne Compston, he is the Son of Laura Compston, "LCompston", a 2-time head and neck cancer survivor covering 32 years. His post gives a Son's view of fighting cancer.

Laura And Layne Compston

Growing up as an only child had its benefits. For example, I didn’t have to share my toys with anyone. My mom and dad always made sure I had plenty to open when it came to certain holidays such as Christmas. I always remembered having many presents under the tree. My parents would always go...

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My Wife Has Cancer - A Husband and Caregiver's Story

by "Gumpus61"


Someone said when you’re falling in or out of love every song on the radio is about you. The Same is true of the cancer experience. Most everyone, at some awful or wonderful way point, relates that moment to a song. 

My Wife Has Cancer A Husband And Caregiver's Story

My wife is dying of cancer and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. We husbands of cancer cry often, and with deep feeling, but more often alone than with our wives….and right at that moment I sat in Traffic and was the loneliest man in the world. If...

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6 Great Ways to Thank Your Caregiver

by Brian English

Caregivers are crucial and often underappreciated partners in cancer care. Whether they’re supporting you by doing small errands, taking over the bills, or simply being at your side, these people are on this journey with you. It can be a tough and stressful experience.

Caregivers Rock 6 Ways To Say Thank You

Of course, while you appreciate all the efforts from your caregivers, the fact that you need a caregiver at all is an indication that you’re enduring some tough times of your own. With all the tribulations of cancer treatment...

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Where Have All My Friends Gone?

by GregP_WN

You're diagnosed with cancer, you call a few friends and give them the heartbreaking news, they promise to be there, just tell them what you need. Fast forward a few months and see who's there now. Many of them aren't around, or are very distanced and you may even have a new circle of friends that include people that weren't friends before cancer. 

Where Are All My Friends

A cancer diagnosis is devastating news, for you, your family and your friends and many people just can't handle it. 

Is it your fault?...

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9 Things to Remember If You Love a Person With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Cancer can often be the first thing you think of when you see or think about a person. Loved ones might not mean that in a harmful way, it just happens because it is in the forefront of everyone's mind. But, if you love someone with cancer, here are a few things you might want to remember. Feel free to pass these on to anyone you think might be touched by them or who is closely affected by cancer.

9 Things To Remember When You Love Someone With Cancer

1. People with cancer are still normal and want to talk about normal things.

Friends As A Distraction

"It feels good...

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10 Things Only a Caregiver May Relate To

by Brittany McNabb

As people join WhaNext, many of the members are here for caregiver support. For many patients, their caregiver is their hero and their #1 fan. Being a caregiver can teach you a lot from how to sleep in an uncomfortable hospital chair, what it's like to be alert 24/7, and the true meaning of the words "labor of love." Here is a list of things that all caregivers may relate to. 

Caregiver Support

[pictured above] "My husband, Joel supporting my journey by shaving his head and us embracing our new look...

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12 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

by Brittany McNabb

It is important for caregivers to take care of themselves especially when experiencing fatigue, stress, and something we call "caregiver burnout." It is hard to be a good caregiver if you are not in a good place yourself, thus the need to  focus on self-care.

Caregiver Stress Organizing Everything

If you feel you are experiencing caregiver burnout, here are 12 signs to recognize it and 10 ways that could help you cope. It is better to pay attention to the signs early so you do not end up with a feeling that you just want to...

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15 Tips for New Caregivers

by Brittany McNabb

The role of caregiver can be as important as the role of a patient. For many patients, their caregiver is their hero and their #1 fan. In order to help new caregivers as they journey forward in taking care of their loved ones, here are 15 tips from WhatNexter caregivers themselves. 

Caregiver Picture

"My husband is my caregiver and he's been so amazing through this journey. It's not just my cancer journey, it's ours. He has been by my side, has been to every appointment, cooks my meals, takes care of the...

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