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Embarrassing Symptoms And Side Effects of Cancer And Treatments

by Jane Ashley

We’ve all learned firsthand that some of our symptoms and side effects are embarrassing. Sometimes, we don’t tell our doctors because we’re just too embarrassed.

Always Tell Your Doctor The Truth

There’s an old saying, “Always tell the truth to your doctors and your lawyer.” The reason is simple — they can’t help us if we hedge on the truth. Hiding our symptoms won’t make what’s wrong with us go away. As we have already learned, cancer doesn’t pick convenient locations.

Trust me when I tell you, “Our doctors have heard it...

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Tomotherapy and Halcyon - 2 Types of Radiation

by Jane Ashley

When most people think of cancer treatment, they think of chemotherapy as the treatment. Many people don’t even realize that radiation is one of the “three legs of the stool” when it comes to treating cancer. 

Tomo Therpay With Patient

The three legs are:
• Chemotherapy and other medications
• Radiation
• Surgery

At least half of all cancer patients receive radiotherapy as their primary treatment or radiation as part of their treatment. Radiation may be part of a cure or can be used as a palliative treatment to...

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5 Ways Cancer Affects Your Mouth And Dental Health

by Derek Edison

Cancer has, for a long time, been a pandemic among humans. What most people don't know is that a considerable number of cancer patients often end up with dental health problems before, during, and after treatment. Cancer is a severe and sometimes fatal disease, and people often ignore anything minor to focus on their cancer treatment plan. 

5 Ways Cancer Affects Your Mouth And Dental

It is, however, not a good idea to let your dental health get worse since this may lead to more complications. In such a scenario, the...

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Radiation for Cancer - More Choices

by Jane Ashley

Before diagnosis, many people don’t realize that radiation therapy is an integral part of cancer treatment. It is used to kill cancerous tumors or shrink tumors before surgery. Estimates suggest that over half of all cancer patients receive radiation during their treatment. You might be wondering how radiation works and if it might work for your cancer. Consider the information contained here as Radiation 101.

Radiation, What To Expect Guide

How Radiation Works on Cancer Cells

Cancer cells are faster-growing cells than...

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24 Survivor's Tips to Better Handle Chemo and Radiation

by GregP_WN

You have been given the three-word sentence that none of us ever wants to hear... YOU HAVE CANCER! For many of us, your head is spinning and you may not even be able to hear anything else that the Dr. tells you after that. The information starts coming at you like water out of a hose drowning you in the face. 

24 Ways Tips To Better Handle Chemo And Radiation

They will tell you the type of cancer, the location, eventually, they will tell you the stage, and maybe a plan of treatment. One common part of treatment is chemotherapy. There...

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The Top 5 Reasons I Was Late for Work During Cancer Treatment

by GregP_WN

Any cancer patient knows that if you're counting on things being done right on schedule, you should probably look for something other than cancer treatments, appointments, procedures, etc. So these are the Top 5 reasons I have been late to work. I bet you can relate.....

1) The Radiation Machine was broken......again. How many times have you arrived at the center only to be told, "sorry, the machine is down, we will reschedule you asap"?

Out Of Order Radiation


2) I arrived for my 8AM appointment with my...

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Radiation - How it Can Affect Your Body

by GregP_WN

Our Blog Post today is part of a series of experiences submitted by WhatNexter "CJGriggs1", about radiation and its side effects.

Radiation How It Can Affect Your Body

Radiation therapy is a local treatment. Therefore, it only affects the area of the body where the tumor is located. For example, people do not usually lose their hair from having radiation therapy. This is only true if the radiation is not aimed at a part of the body that grows hair, such as the scalp. 

Johnny Blue Laster Targeting Radiation Mask

Skin problems - Many people who receive radiation...

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Chemo Vs. Radiation - The Pros and Cons

by GregP_WN

When you are given that diagnosis of Cancer, one of  the first things that might come to your mind is one or both of the most common forms of treating it, chemotherapy and radiation. You have probably heard all of the horror stories about each of them, ask 100 people that have never had either and you will probably get 100 different stories, and maybe a few of them will have some fact in them. 

Chemo Vs. Radiation


But ask 100 people that have had both types of treatment and they will give you...

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