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Victory Over Stage IV Metastatic Prostate Cancer

by GregP_WN

I am Jeff Poole, my diagnosis is stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. My journey began in the winter of 2014 when I started experiencing pain in my groin. I would later discover what I assumed was a pulled groin muscle to my surprise would turn out to be cancer.  

Image (1)

My pain seemed to be getting better until I slipped on the ice in January of 2015. In February, I went to my Doctor and after finding no muscle issues my doctor ordered blood work. When the blood work results came back,...

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Is There Hope With a Late Stage Cancer Diagnosis?

by GregP_WN

A late stage cancer diagnosis (stage III or IV) is not what you want to hear, but it might not be as bad as you might have heard. With recent advances made in treatments, surgery, and other options, people are beating these type of diagnoses more than ever before. 

At WhatNext, we have lots of people that fall into this category, here are two of them.


Live With Cancer With Dog Barney In Santa Fe 2014


LiveWithCancer - "I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 10/2012. I wasn't a candidate for radiation or...

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Stage IV Breast Cancer and Still Living With Hope and Joy

by Brittany McNabb

How can hope and joy come out of stage IV breast cancer? Ask WhatNexter baridirects. Christine is an incredible example of a cancer survivor that has fought her battle against cancer with courage. To this day, her courage has turned into joy of life and hope for the future. She also spreads her hope as a mentor for other breast cancer patients. Here is her story...

Can Hope And Joy Come From Stage 4 Cancer?

How I Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

My cancer journey began in January of 2013. I had gotten a normal mammogram the previous...

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WhatNexter of the Week Keith59 - Living a Happy Life with Stage 4 Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Keith59, an active WhatNexter on the site, was diagnosed with cancer five months ago and is currently in active treatment for Stage IV melanoma. He is an inspiring example of someone who has accepted his diagnosis and continued to live a rich life in appreciation of his family as well as his WhatNext family. Here is a bit Keith's story in his own words...

Keith59 Before Cancer Diagnosis

The first sign of cancer...

In March of 2014, while getting ready for work, I suffered a light stroke due to my heart being in AFIB....

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Learning to Live with Uncertainty

by GregP_WN

A doctor carved a messy mole off my back in 1990. For a blissful 18 years, I thought my melanoma was gone, but it returned at Stage IV in 2008. They no longer speak of "terminal" cancer, but there is no cure, and no true remission. Five surgeries, two kinds of immunotherapy, and two kinds of radiation have helped keep the beast at bay, but I think about cancer always.


Constance Crooker-Melanomamama

I can't predict when or where it will strike again. I accept that a low level dread of...

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