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What's it Like: Having a Mastectomy

by Brian English

The What's It Like? Blog Series

It's Ok To Be Scared

Obviously, the Internet is often the first stop for any new patient seeking information on what life with cancer is all about. But at WhatNext, we feel that our community offers what many online sites don’t: valuable personal experience from real cancer patients. Sure, sites like can offer a comprehensive and dispassionate breakdown of various cancer topics. But WhatNexters deliver straight talk from the patients who’ve lived it.

In our What’s It...

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What I Wish I Had Known Before a Mastectomy

by Brittany McNabb

A mastectomy, either single or double, is a common treatment for women with breast cancer. If you are given the option and choose to undergo a mastectomy, here is some firsthand advice on things WhatNexters wish they had known before going into a mastectomy. From tips on preparing your home to asking your doctor about specific side effects, here are some things that might be helpful as you move forward with your breast cancer procedure. 

Mastectomy Checklist

I wish I had known...

How to Prepare My...

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