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Tips Learned During a 3 Year Journey With Breast Cancer

by Alyce Stewart

Today's blog post is from Alyce Stewart, (Omalayce) at She shares her experiences with four types of cancer including her latest, a 3 year run with breast cancer.  This is her story along with a list of Tips to help you get through your diagnosis.  

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My name is Alyce Stewart and I am going to be 72 in August.

In August of 2016 I told my GP that I had a strange pain in my armpit and going down the left side of my breast. I'd had it for several years and my masseuse and...

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Your Persistence Can Save Your Life - You Know When Something's Wrong!

by Norma Jauregui

Today's Guest Blogger is Norma Jauregui, she shares her experiences with a stage IIIA breast cancer diagnosis and treatments. Her persistence my have saved her life!

My name is Norma, I am 59 years old. I am from San Diego, CA. My breast cancer experience began in May of 2012, I was 51 years old. The first sign that let me know that something was wrong was pain.


I always heard that cancer does not hurt and it’s hard to know that you have it, but I started experiencing pain in my...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Remembering, Honoring, and Preventing

by Jane Ashley

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month . This month helps increase awareness of the importance of screenings so that breast is caught in its early stages when it can be cured. It’s a time to remember those lost to breast cancer and to help those currently diagnosed with breast cancer.

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women (except for skin cancer). Almost 269,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2019, along with about 69,000 women...

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"Beachbum5817" Reaching Milestones in Her Life Once Thought Unobtainable

by GregP_WN

Our WhatNexter of the Week is "Beachbum5817", a breast cancer survivor who has, as of this writing,  passed the five year mark by seven months. She shares her story of finding a lump through surgery, treatments, doubts, pain, lows, and highs, and through to being a five year survivor. This is her story.

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Above: Beachbum5817 and her Daughter celebrating after her last radiation treatment

I had my yearly mammogram in Sept. 2013, and I received a card in the mail saying that everything...

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Mammograms - Are They Needed, And How Often?

by Jane Ashley

It’s difficult for women to keep up with the latest guidelines for the frequency of mammograms and at what age to begin. There are several organizations that make mammogram recommendations. All but one of these organizations agree that the safest and optimum age to begin having annual mammograms is 40.

Annual Mammograms

Who makes mammogram recommendations?

There are several cancer organizations that make recommendations on mammograms frequency. They include:
American Cancer Society
The National...

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After Cancer Treatment, How Do I Get Back to Being Me?

by Lisa Vento

Last year, this very weekend, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It seems so long ago because so much happened when I heard the words, “You have cancer.” to now a year later. As we all know, there are decisions and surgeries and treatment and within all of that is a loss of self.

Img 1055

Lisa and her family



I thought I knew who I was. I thought I was an uber-focused MOM (caps and emphasis, mine). I thought I was meant to be a local teacher so I could still do my number one which was to...

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Living With Breast Cancer

by GregP_WN
Living With Lung Cancer

There are several types of breast cancer. Most breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinomas, which originate in the milk ducts of the breast before spreading to other parts of the breast. Other types include ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which originates in milk ducts but has not yet spread; and invasive lobular carcinoma, which begins in milk-producing glands. Symptoms of breast cancer can include a lump, swelling of all or part of a breast, skin irritation or dimpling, breast or...

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Making a Facebook “Game” of Cancer

by Brian English

What’s with All the Hearts?

Making A Facebook Game Of Cancer

A new Facebook “game” is meant raising awareness, but it’s raising hackles instead.

If you’re a woman, you may have noticed all those little red heart emojis popping up on your Facebook page recently. It might take a few minutes to realize it, but this is supposed to be a way to promote breast cancer prevention awareness.

Here’s how it works: you post a heart on a female friend’s Facebook page, then send a private message explaining that the heart is a subtle...

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What's it Like: Having a Mastectomy

by Brian English

The What's It Like? Blog Series

It's Ok To Be Scared

Obviously, the Internet is often the first stop for any new patient seeking information on what life with cancer is all about. But at WhatNext, we feel that our community offers what many online sites don’t: valuable personal experience from real cancer patients. Sure, sites like can offer a comprehensive and dispassionate breakdown of various cancer topics. But WhatNexters deliver straight talk from the patients who’ve lived it.

In our What’s It...

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Stage IV Breast Cancer and Still Living With Hope and Joy

by Brittany McNabb

How can hope and joy come out of stage IV breast cancer? Ask WhatNexter baridirects. Christine is an incredible example of a cancer survivor that has fought her battle against cancer with courage. To this day, her courage has turned into joy of life and hope for the future. She also spreads her hope as a mentor for other breast cancer patients. Here is her story...

Can Hope And Joy Come From Stage 4 Cancer?

How I Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

My cancer journey began in January of 2013. I had gotten a normal mammogram the previous...

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