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Inspirational Quotes To Live By

by Jane Ashley

It seems that every person has advice to give us when we have cancer. One of them is to “stay positive.” Sometimes, we feel guilty when we don’t feel positive. Some folks want us to believe that that we might not have a good outcome from our treatment if we don’t “stay positive.” 

If They Can Do It

Other people might try to put a guilt trip on us if we don’t find a silver lining in our diagnosis.

There is so much emphasis in our culture on the “power of positive thinking” that some of us are lead to...

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Examples of how to "Live Your Life...Not Your Cancer"

by GregP_WN

At WhatNext, we are fond of the quote "Live Your Life....Not Your Cancer". What does that mean exactly? Very simply, it means to not get bogged down in your "cancer life". Cancer is a major part of your life while you're going through it, but it doesn't have to be all of it. Take every chance you get to do some things that are as far away from cancer as you can get. 

Live Your Life Not Your Cancer Banner

We all deserve to have a mind that is free and clear of all negative thoughts, visions of cancer trying to kill us and...

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