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Don't Fry Day, Protect Your Skin From Skin Cancer

by GregP_WN

Friday, May 24th is "Don't Fry Day". A day set aside by the  National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention to encourage sun safety awareness. The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention encourages you to protect your skin this Friday, and every day. Here are some tips to help you do that. 

Don't Fryday Protect Your Skin

Memorial Day is the traditional kick-off to the Summer fun season, and many people will be spending the weekend outside and perhaps getting their first sunburn of the season. Remember to protect...

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Stage IV Melanoma...It's NOT Just Skin Cancer!

by Holly Flores

Today's Guest Blog Post is from "HFlores", she is a Stage IV Malignant Melanoma patient/survivor currently in treatment. While she is still fighting a serious fight she is still trying to live her life as normal as possible. 

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In the spring of 2014, my hairdresser noticed a mole on my scalp that appeared to be changing color. After a biopsy in August, it was confirmed I had Malignant Melanoma. On September 11th, I was wheeled in for a 4-hour surgery (wide excision of the scalp) and...

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"Melanoma Monday" - Check Yourself, Check Your Partner

by GregP_WN

May is designated as National Melanoma Month. Included in that designation is National Melanoma Monday, which is the first Monday in May. The American Academy of Dermatology has set aside this day to raise awareness about skin cancer.

Melanoma Monday

People who are unaware of the dangers of skin cancer will often say things like, "at least it's just skin cancer", or "that's one of the good kinds of cancer, right"? They are not aware that on average, one person dies every hour from melanoma, or that early...

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Don't Fry! 5 Things to Remember About Skin Protection

by Brittany McNabb

In honor of Don't Fry Day and with Memorial Day Weekend literally around the corner, we want to remind you of 5 skin care essentials. Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer; it is also one of the most preventable by taking precautions when in the sun, getting your skin checked regularly for abnormalities, and by speaking to your doctor about any and all concerns.

Don't Fry Day

1. Be safe in the sun.

The American Cancer Society gives very specific advice for staying in the sun. They say to slip,...

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