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Maintaining Hope About Your Cancer While Being Realistic

by Jane Ashley

A cancer diagnosis is a tough diagnosis. Just look at what each of us faces.

Never Lose Hope

• Cancer is just plain scary.
• What about the side effects?
• It’s gonna be expensive.
• We might die.
• We might not be able to work.
• Fear of the unknown.
• What about my family?

Yet, we have to come to terms with our diagnosis and learn how to live with the uncertainly that a cancer diagnosis brings. If we don’t reconcile ourselves to our “new reality,” we’re liable to drive ourselves and our family crazy.


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10 Ways to Find Hope When You Have Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

When you have cancer, it helps to have hope. It's easy to say that you must find it, but when you are in the throes of cancer - where is it? How do you get it?  Here are 10 ways that WhatNexters have found hope through their battle with cancer including ways they have recovered when they feel like they have lost hope.

Ways To Find Hope When You Have Cancer

1. We make everyday count and hold onto the simple things like pizza night and warm sunny days.

"We live off of seeing the grandkids and watching Rick tossing a football...

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