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The Importance of Hobbies During and After Cancer Treatment

by Jane Ashley

How Hobbies Keep Your Mind Straight

Hobbies are a big boost to our mental health. Hobbies provide mental relief from the stresses of daily life — whether it comes from our job, our family dynamics, a school problem involving one of our children, our cancer, a health problem of our spouse, parents or children, car repairs or home appliance repairs. It seems that we never catch a break.


Hobbies recharge our spirits. For me, hobbies allow my “inner child” to enjoy some ME TIME. Whatever we...

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Hobbies - A Great Way to Stay Calm

by GregP_WN

Taking up a hobby during or after cancer treatment is a great way to stay calm and keep your mind off things. Some WhatNexters have discovered hobbies that enrich their lives, inspire them, or get them involved with caring people in the community. Whether it’s tending to a garden or satisfying the adventurist in you, starting a new hobby can be very therapeutic! Here are a few ideas shared by WhatNexters themselves.




“The spring after my surgery, I planted my victory garden....

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