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Image Guided Biopsies - The Why, What, and When

by Jane Ashley

Solid tumors discovered with mammography or CT scans may or may not be cancer. If benign tumors are small and not pressing on nerves, blood vessels, or an organ, it might be best for a patient to leave the tumor alone and not perform surgery (where there is always a risk for complications).


But how do our doctors tell the difference between a cancerous tumor and a benign tumor? They use a biopsy — a procedure where the cells of a tumor are examined under a microscope. If the cells are...

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Practical Ways to Beat Scanxiety

by Jane Ashley

Virtually every cancer patient will agree that when it’s time for your scans, it’s one of the most stressful parts of your treatment or surveillance after treatment. It has a name – SCANXIETY (scan zi et ee). Here are some practical ways to beat scanxiety.

Practical Ways To Beat Scanxiety

Your closest family members don’t understand; your friends don’t have a clue; don’t bother to tell a co-worker either. We remember all too well that when we were diagnosed, it was most probably a scan that told our doctors that we...

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“Scanxiety” - Sound familiar?

by Brittany McNabb-WhatNext

Scanxiety,” that anxious feeling you get when heading into scans or awaiting tests results, causes a lot of WhatNexters stress. Here is how WhatNexters have handled scanxiety; their firsthand insights may inspire you with ways to do the same.

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Focus On What Is In Your Control
Many WhatNexters talk about realizing what they can and cannot control; they say part of the struggle is conquering their mind.

“I have decided I will deal with what ever will be at the time I have to deal with it, and...

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