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My First Chemo Treatment....In 32 Years

by GregP_WN

So, I had traditional chemo treatments way back in 1988, and again in 1989 for my first two cancer diagnoses for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It did its job back then and I was clean of cancer for 20 years. 

Looking For A Clinical Trial

Since then, I have had 3 more diagnoses, all in the last 11 years, 2 of them in the last year. Things have changed, treatments have changed, my body has changed, time is running out, options are running out. This is where I stand now. 

The chemo treatments that I had back in 88 and 89...

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Maintaining Hope About Your Cancer While Being Realistic

by Jane Ashley

A cancer diagnosis is a tough diagnosis. Just look at what each of us faces.

Never Lose Hope

• Cancer is just plain scary.
• What about the side effects?
• It’s gonna be expensive.
• We might die.
• We might not be able to work.
• Fear of the unknown.
• What about my family?

Yet, we have to come to terms with our diagnosis and learn how to live with the uncertainly that a cancer diagnosis brings. If we don’t reconcile ourselves to our “new reality,” we’re liable to drive ourselves and our family crazy.


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World Kidney Cancer Day - June18th, 2020

by Jane Ashley

June 18th, 2020, is World Kidney Cancer Day. This year’s theme — “We need to talk about physical activity” — seems even more important now as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future. Why?

World Kidney Cancer Day 2020

Around the world, every person is grappling with what’s safe to do. Is it safe to go to the gym? Is it safe to be outside in parks or on trails? We’re evaluating our risk for COVID-19 and trying to find a balance to have quality-of-life and remain healthy.

Why is the International...

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You Can't Put A Price On A Life - This Just In, Yes You Can

by GregP_WN

We often hear "you can't put a price on a life". Well, that's not true. According to my hospital and doctor bills, my cost since the first of the year is approaching 500K. The most expensive, most involved surgery that I have ever had was the laryngectomy with bi-lateral neck dissection, and thyroidectomy. That bill was in the 375K range. It's like we are using monopoly money now. 

You Can't Put A Price On Life

Doctor's bills and hospital/procedure expenses continue to leapfrog and have gotten to the point that it's...

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Coping With Isolation Due to Corona or Cancer Issues

by Jane Ashley

As cancer patients and survivors, we’ve been told to “shelter-in-place” and “self-isolate.” Before the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer patients were advised not to isolate themselves. We are told that we needed to maintain our connections with friends and family. We were reminded that we need our “social network’s” support to help us through the emotional and physical challenges that cancer brings.


Isolation can lead to depression and anxiety. We may begin to have self-doubt and not take care of...

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Embarrassing Symptoms And Side Effects of Cancer And Treatments

by Jane Ashley

We’ve all learned firsthand that some of our symptoms and side effects are embarrassing. Sometimes, we don’t tell our doctors because we’re just too embarrassed.

Always Tell Your Doctor The Truth

There’s an old saying, “Always tell the truth to your doctors and your lawyer.” The reason is simple — they can’t help us if we hedge on the truth. Hiding our symptoms won’t make what’s wrong with us go away. As we have already learned, cancer doesn’t pick convenient locations.

Trust me when I tell you, “Our doctors have heard it...

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June is Men's Health Month

by GregP_WN

Men’s Health Month was created through a resolution by Senator Bob Dole in 1994. Many of the reasons that prompted Men’s Health Month are still men’s health issues. Let’s look at men’s health facts:

Mhm No Date Dark Red 0415

In the U.S., male life expectancy is 76.3 years compared to female life expectancy of 81.4 years. A shorter male lifespan is seen throughout the world.
1 in every 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer .
Testicular cancer is a young man’s disease, with most diagnoses in men between the...

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National Cancer Survivor's Day 2020

by Jane Ashley

Sunday, June 7, 2020, is National Cancer Survivors Day. It is the day to celebrate our survival and to be an inspiration to those who are newly diagnosed. It’s also a day for community outreach as we reach out to create awareness that more and more people are surviving cancer. 

National Cancer Survivors Day2020 Button

Our day also focuses on the challenges that cancer survivors face.

But it’s different this year …

Not in recent history has the world experienced a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19. COVID-19 is at the forefront...

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What Are "Virtual Second Opinions"?

by Jane Ashley

We’ve all been told the value of a second opinion. Even in “normal” circumstances, it seems like a rather daunting task to get a second opinion. There is usually expensive travel involved along with hotel and meal expenses. Plus, the copays involved and the logistics of getting our medical records sent to the facility where we’re getting our second opinion. Yet, we know, deep down within us, that a second opinion could save our lives.

Should I Get A Second Opinion

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how can we get a second...

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Diagnosis #5, Because Apparently #4 Wasn't Enough

by GregP_WN

What's that saying? "God will only give you what you're strong enough to carry"? Or something like that. Well, apparently he thinks I'm the son of Hulk, brother of Thor, with a little Superman in there, and a touch of Batman. I mean, again??? Seriously? Five Fricking Times?

Diagnosis #5

Have you ever thought that maybe your life is just you inside of someone else's video game, like that movie years ago? Maybe that would make sense? When it comes to the bad luck lottery I am the winner, shut it...

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