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10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Cancer

by Jane Ashley

One of the things that we learn about cancer very soon into our treatment is that everyone is different — we respond differently to chemotherapy and radiation. Some of us recover rapidly from a surgical procedure while for others, it takes an extended time. Every person’s cancer experience is different, yet we share many of the same experiences.

Things I Wish I Had Known Blog

We think, “Boy, I wish I had known about this.” Another patient says, “I had no idea this could happen.”

What are some of the things that we...

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Cancer is a Thief - These Are Things it Has Stolen From Us

by GregP_WN

Cancer is a thief! It sneaks up and takes things like our ability to talk, our strength and stamina, our hair, our eyesight, our teeth, and even sometimes it takes organs from us. Cancer doesn't care if you are rich poor, white or black, skinny or heavy, an average person on the street or a celebrity on Hollywood Blvd. It will take something from all of us, lots of times it's our peace of mind and for the unfortunate ones, life.

What Cancer Cannot Do

We asked our WhatNext Community to tell us about some of the...

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September Cancer Awareness Types and Events

by Jane Ashley

September is one of the busiest months for cancer awareness. Awareness is the first step so that we learn how to prevent more types of cancer, encourage people to have all recommended screenings for early detection and develop more effective treatments. Here’s our September list:

Calendar of Events.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Mont

Five facts about childhood cancer.

15,780 children in the U.S. are diagnosed annually
1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before they turn...

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13 Things Cancer Patients Want You to Know About Cancer

by Jane Ashley

We face approximately a one in three lifetime risk of developing cancer. The diagnosis is one of the most frightening events that will ever happen to us — regarding of our sex, age, race or economic status, we all face the risk of cancer — and money alone is not enough to save our life. Our response to treatment and our overall health are contributing factors to surviving cancer along with being diagnosed at an early stage.

Young Adults

In reality, there are only three categories of people.
Those who...

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Why Does Chemo Take So Long?

by Jane Ashley

Chemotherapy is one of the most feared aspects of cancer treatment. We’re are afraid of the side effects — we are afraid that it may not work — and we don’t understand the process that occurs on “chemo day.”

Chemo Center Wait

After our first infusion, we have a new question, “Why does it take so long to get our chemotherapy?”

Many people work together to ensure that your chemotherapy session is as safe as possible. Once we understand the process, it may be easier for us to understand why our chemo may require...

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Top 50 Things to NOT Say to A Cancer Patient

by Jane Ashley

Many of us are shocked at what both our friends and family and total strangers say to us when they learn that we have cancer. Most of these comments aren’t meant to hurt us, but some do hurt us, and others stress us. These seemingly callous and insensitive phrases are probably because most people don’t know what to say to us so they blurt out something that they’ve heard other people say.

Oh The C Word

Here are some phrases that made our Top 50 List of Things Not to Say to a cancer patient.

Oh, the “C”...

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The Importance of Hobbies During and After Cancer Treatment

by Jane Ashley

How Hobbies Keep Your Mind Straight

Hobbies are a big boost to our mental health. Hobbies provide mental relief from the stresses of daily life — whether it comes from our job, our family dynamics, a school problem involving one of our children, our cancer, a health problem of our spouse, parents or children, car repairs or home appliance repairs. It seems that we never catch a break.


Hobbies recharge our spirits. For me, hobbies allow my “inner child” to enjoy some ME TIME. Whatever we...

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CBD Oils - A Benefit to Cancer Patients or a False Hope?

by Kayla Smith

Editor's Note: WhatNext is not the author of this article, the thoughts listed are not necessarily those of WhatNext. We are posting this article from The Truth About CBD for the benefit of those who are interested in the possible use of CBD Oil. Today's guest blog post is from Kayla Smith from The Truth About

What is CBD?

Cbd Oils A Benefit To Canceer Patients Or A False Hope

Since the Farm Bill passed in 2018, the door has opened wider for both physicians and the general public to have another option for pain management as the U.S....

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12 Ways to Support Your Spouse When They Have Cancer

by Jane Ashley

The diagnosis of cancer in your spouse is devastating. You love them and want to help in every way possible. But it’s an emotional time for you as well. 


You’re worried about the one you love. Can your loved stay home alone? What about the finances? And then, there are the logistical issues of transportation to and from treatment, meals, household chores and taking medicines on time. You still have to work and juggle your work schedule and your spouse’s treatment schedule. You can’t...

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30 More Things That a Cancer Patient Would Like to Read in a Card

by Jane Ashley

Cancer patients never tire of receiving cards and hand-written notes. That personal touch goes a long way. Emails and texts don’t provide the comfort that a card provides – we can pull out the cards that we receive when we are feeling down or lonely and those tangible cards renew our spirits.

Thinking Of You

Cards don’t require a patient to answer. Cards are a visible symbol that we made a special effort to let you know that we are care. It doesn’t matter when you send a card, there is no wrong time to...

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