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#BCSM - Breast Cancer Social Media Support

by Elissa Malcohn.

Community Resource: Breast Cancer Social Media (#BCSM)

Breast Cancer Social Media (#BCSM) is but one example of how Twitter is much, much more than tweets about celebrity gossip or what someone had for dinner. This very active community includes patients, doctors and other health care providers, researchers, caregivers, advocates, and other supporters. I found #BCSM two months after my diagnosis and participated in my first chat four days after my first chemo infusion. 

#Bcsm Logo

A Dream Team...

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Cancer Patients Have Heroes Too

by Brian English.

Many people describe those who are battling the disease as “heroes.” But the truth is, every cancer patient needs a hero of their own. Someone from whom they can draw strength and hope. Someone to look up to, to keep them going when the going gets tough.

We Can Be Heroes

After asking members of the WhatNext community who inspires them most, we found that cancer patients – people who fight a real battle every day – have different kinds of heroes than everyone else.” You won’t find athletes, actors on this...

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What to Expect From Cancer Treatments

by GregP_WN.

A cancer diagnosis can cause a whirlwind of questions and emotions. Often the specifics of the road ahead are unknown. Many WhatNexters agree that it felt easier once they found out more, got familiar with treatment plans, and found ways to stay positive and cope in their everyday life. 

What To Expect From Cancer Treatments

“I took it one thing at a time. I keep thinking each procedure, each treatment, is one more step towards recovery and that keeps me moving forward.” -- Beannie, Breast Cancer, Stage I


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Chemo Induced Facial Acne and Remedies

by Brian English.

Chemotherapy is notorious for its side effects. But while hair loss, vomiting, and diarrhea get all the attention, there’s one lesser-known side effect that can be just as tough: acne.

Chemo Induced Facial Acne

It’s true: your chemo treatment might end up taking your face on a time trip back to those thrilling days of puberty. Who says chemo can’t make you feel young again?

It might seem minor, but the reemergence of facial acne during cancer treatment is an added source of low self-esteem for patients. You can get a...

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What is a Chemo Port and Why You Will Want One!

by GregP_WN.

A chemotherapy port is sometimes referred to as a mediport, cancer port, or port a cath, is a vascular access device that is implanted under the skin so that people with cancer can be given chemotherapy. A power port is a port that enables patients to receive IV therapy as well as contrast CT scans.

For more information on chemotherapy read our guide: How WhatNexters Prepared for Chemotherapy.

What Is A Port, And Why You Will Want One

Over a thousand WhatNexters have shared their firsthand experiences with chemotherapy ports. We...

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I Need to Be Alone!! 5 Ways to Get More "Me Time"

by Brian English.

What’s it like to be the center of attention? After your cancer diagnosis, you find out fast. Suddenly, you’re getting more attention you can handle.

I Need Some Me Time

First, it’s the doctors and the nurses. Then it’s your friends and family. Endless phone calls, visits, talking … Before you know it, that crucial alone time – your “me” time – is gone. And you find yourself relating more and more to that old Greta Garbo line, “I vant to be alone.”

The simple pleasure of enjoying your own company in peace and...

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Pain Management and Warning Signs of Opiate Addiction for Cancer Patients

by Constance Ray.

There are many methods of pain management for cancer patients. Cancer pain is usually very treatable, with many patients finding relief using a combination of medications. Some medications offer general pain relief, and some higher-strength prescription medications target specific types of pain. 

Opioid Addiction

A good plan of action can start with setting a pain management goal with your doctor. Discuss the type of pain relief medication that is needed to keep pain consistently in the tolerable...

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4 New Year's Resolutions About Cancer

by Brian English.

Making a cancer-related resolution might be one that you’re more likely to keep. Most resolutions – including the old standards like “lose weight” and “eat better” – barely make it to the end of January, let alone the whole year.

Here are four resolutions that members of the WhatNext will be making for 2017.


Healthy Living

BoiseB suggests that cancer patients and survivors take a more active approach with health-based resolutions. Rather than simply stating that you’ll “eat...

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5 Gift Suggestions for Cancer Patients

by Brian English.

Now that the holidays are here, family and friends are plotting to get something special for the cancer patients in their lives. Here in the WhatNext, we realize that this can be difficult territory to navigate. What’s the perfect gift for a cancer patient? This question alone can tie people into knots.

5 Heartwarming Gifts For Cancer Patients What Next Blog

We asked the WhatNext community what kind of gifts that they’d like around this time of year. And hopefully this list of five things to get (along with a short rundown of what NOT to get)...

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Being a Cancer Patient and a Caregiver

by GregP_WN.

All cancer patients will have a variety of descriptions of what it's like to be a cancer patient. There will be a lot of details about how hard treatment is, how bad the side effects are, the pain involved and the sacrifices a patient has to make just to go through treatment. 

Is Being A Caregiver Harder Than Being A Patient

All of these will be heartfelt and true statements, but the patient usually feels like they are in control of their own situation. They are the one going through it all and can muster up the determination to keep...

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