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Making Dinner Quick and Tasty: Simple Green Stir Fry

by GregP_WN

Kendall Scott, CHHC

One of the misconceptions I sometimes hear regarding eating a healthier diet is that it’s too time consuming. Food that is quick to make can’t be good for you too. And that’s what I always thought too, which is why on the days I was getting home from work at 9 o’clock in the evening, I was picking up a pizza instead of making something health-promoting. 


While getting in the kitchen and cooking can be time-intensive, it doesn’t have to be. If I didn’t have some quick...

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Don't Be Afraid of Your "New Normal"

by GregP_WN

Life's journey brings all of us many changes. And with each one comes a "new normal." Think about it...after you graduate high school or college, get married, have your first is never again what it used to be. You may have heard from your oncologists, nurses, and PAs about a "new normal" after cancer. What exactly does that mean?

Survivor 2 Sm

Lisa Lathrop Survivor, Relayer

Does it mean that you'll be able to go back to your old job but maybe not be able to work as many hours as you once did,...
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When a Hernia Meets Cancer

by GregP_WN

This week's WhatNexter of the week is Buckey Shelby. She is an Endometrial Cancer Survivor and is starting to get compfortable with the idea of being a survivor. Shelby is very active on our site always there to help others along their way, offering support and answering questions that those who are just starting always have on their mind.

2012 08 18 20.37.34

My name is Shelby Bartellis, know as Buckeye Shelby on WhatNext. I’m 48 years old and am just recently willing to call myself a survivor of endometrial...

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24 Things To Ask Your Dr. About Head And Neck Cancer

by GregP_WN

When  Barbara Bragg's Husband was diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer, they had questions and needed answers. But sometimes forgot what to ask, what was important. So after going through the diagnoses, treatment, and recovery, they now know what they wished they knew then. Barbara is one of our WhatNexters and shares with us what to ask. These are 23 things to ask your Dr. about head and neck cancer. 


Head and Neck Cancers on the Rise

The incidence of head and neck cancers...

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Prostate Cancer and Impotence Two Different Stories

by GregP_WN

Our Blog Post today is from our own WhatNexter Lloyd Martin ( bundoskip), a Prostate Cancer survivor.

Book Release Party 045

Lloyd Martin speaking at his book release party

I recently asked on WhatNext   if a woman should leave her husband after prostate cancer and 29 years of marriage. I will not address the answers here but only to say that all who answered no are my favorite. I will further say now that this happened to a friend of mine in Philadelphia. The circulated talk of which convinced...

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Will Livestrong Survive?

by GregP_WN

The U.S. Anti-Droping Agency (USADA) stripped Armstrong of these titles and granted him a lifetime ban last year after U.S. officials concluded he used PED’s and now he has come clean in an attempt to preserve any bit of his career that he can. 


Lance Armstrong winning his 7th Tour De France

 Armstrong is a cancer survivor and a forerunner in the role cancer holds in the media via his contribution to the Livestrong Foundation.

As background information, Armstrong was diagnosed...

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Jenny Miller, Our WhatNexter Of The Week

by GregP_WN

This weeks WhatNexter Of The Week is Jenny Miller, she is a breast cancer survivor and an avid WhatNexter. She is always available and willing to provide support and words of encouragement to others of the Community. Her story is a two part, the first was written while going through treatment, the second part was after treatment was completed and she has a new outlook on life after treatment.

002 (2)

Jenny and her Daughter Kim Amelio

Cancer is a game of Solitaire. I am the lone player. I am...

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Free Flights For Cancer Patients

by GregP_WN

Today's What Nexter is Robyn Stoller, patient advocate & founder of In 2010, Robyn lost her 47 year old husband to a very rare & aggressive cancer, but has put their journey to work for others. Her mission now is to help patients and caregivers touched by cancer find the information they need to make informed choices.

Robyn Stoller

(pictured above is Alan, me & Alan’s Sister Debby getting ready to board our Corporate Angels flight)

You have been diagnosed with cancer, and...

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Create Happiness - When Someone You Know Has Cancer

by GregP_WN

Today's Blog Post is from WhatNexter Barbara Jacoby from the Website Barbara is a two time breast cancer survivor and she also lost her Father to lung cancer and Brother to renal cancer. As you might imagine, cancer advocacy and supporting other cancer patients and survivors is a passion of hers. 

Barbara Jacoby Let Life Happen

One of the toughest things that a person will ever have to deal with is finding out that someone they know has cancer. What do you say? What can you do? What do they...

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“The New Normal”

by GregP_WN

Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Jay Thomas, author of “A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor ,” and host of the website And one of our WhatNexters.

J Patrick Thomas

Cancer is an insidious disease that touches far too many of us. Having had cancer four times, I apparently am here for a reason, a “new normal,” so to speak. Ever since my bouts with cancer and trying to clear my mind from “chemo brain,” I always run into trying to figure out what I am going to do next. What...

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