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"It's About the Journey" - LiveWithCancer's Journey With Lung Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

WhatNexter LiveWithCancer is currently in treatment for stage IV adenocarcinoma lung cancer and is one of the many inspiring people on the site. Here is a part of her journey in her own words including how she discovered cancer, chemotherapy, going through a clinical trial, and how she is enriching her life by living life with the joy of her family and dogs.

Live With Cancer Running With Barney Before Cancer

Before cancer...

I have always been a tall, thin person. I could eat what I wanted and I gained very few pounds. However, I quit...

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WhatNexter of the Week Keith59 - Living a Happy Life with Stage 4 Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Keith59, an active WhatNexter on the site, was diagnosed with cancer five months ago and is currently in active treatment for Stage IV melanoma. He is an inspiring example of someone who has accepted his diagnosis and continued to live a rich life in appreciation of his family as well as his WhatNext family. Here is a bit Keith's story in his own words...

Keith59 Before Cancer Diagnosis

The first sign of cancer...

In March of 2014, while getting ready for work, I suffered a light stroke due to my heart being in AFIB....

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10 Ways to Treat People With Cancer Like Normal During Treatment

by Brittany McNabb

The list of things you can do for people with cancer includes treating them like normal while they are fighting cancer. People with cancer can feel like they have a big red target on their back simply because they look sick, people know about their diagnosis, or because of physical changes during chemotherapy or other cancer treatment. 

10 Ways To Treat People With Cancer Normal

Loved ones of people with cancer, as much as they want, cannot change the physical effects their patient experiences, but they can control how they...

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What to Expect during Radiation Therapy

by Brittany McNabb

Radiation therapy is a common cancer treatment for people with cancer. There are two main types of radiation: external radiation (stereotatic radiation and proton beam) and internal radiation. To learn more about different types of radiation visit the American Cancer Society's guide on Understanding Radiation Therapy.

Johnny Blue Radiation Room

[Johnnyblue in his radiation room.]

Many do not know what to expect at radiation until they are in the radiation room, possibly overwhelmed with machinery and questions....

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6 Ways WhatNext is Helping People With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

The love and support that WhatNext brings has impacted people with cancer in a life-changing way and has helped them get through their daily fight. Online support networks offer camaraderie, firsthand information, and help from a community that knows what you are going through. 

What Next Online Support

Here are some ways that WhatNexters benefit from our online support. If you know someone that is affected by cancer, spread the word and invite them to join our family.

1. WhatNext gives me a voice that...

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10 Ways to Find Hope When You Have Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

When you have cancer, it helps to have hope. It's easy to say that you must find it, but when you are in the throes of cancer - where is it? How do you get it?  Here are 10 ways that WhatNexters have found hope through their battle with cancer including ways they have recovered when they feel like they have lost hope.

Ways To Find Hope When You Have Cancer

1. We make everyday count and hold onto the simple things like pizza night and warm sunny days.

"We live off of seeing the grandkids and watching Rick tossing a football...

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Top 20 Inspirational Songs for People With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Music pleases one of our intrinsic desires for connection. It inspires us, nurtures our souls, and makes us feel like other people have gone through the same thing we have. Some people like to listen to the lyrics, some people like the beats and the crescendos, and some people just like to dance. 

Inspirational Music For People With Cancer

Here is a list of 20 inspirational songs for people with cancer, compiled by WhatNexters themselves. You might want to add them to your chemo playlist or play them at a celebratory "no more...

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14 Things I Wish I Had Known Before a Stem Cell Transplant

by Brittany McNabb

Stem cell transplant is a common form of treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and neuroblastoma. The purpose of a stem cell transplant procedure is to replenish the body with healthy cells after treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If you are undergoing a stem cell transplant or if it is an option in your treatment plan, here are some firsthand insights from WhatNexters on what they wish they had known before going into the surgery. 

What I Wish I Had Known About A Stem Cell Transplant

1. Nurses are...

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15 Tips for New Caregivers

by Brittany McNabb

The role of caregiver can be as important as the role of a patient. For many patients, their caregiver is their hero and their #1 fan. In order to help new caregivers as they journey forward in taking care of their loved ones, here are 15 tips from WhatNexter caregivers themselves. 

Caregiver Picture

"My husband is my caregiver and he's been so amazing through this journey. It's not just my cancer journey, it's ours. He has been by my side, has been to every appointment, cooks my meals, takes care of the...

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What I Wish I Had Known Before a Mastectomy

by Brittany McNabb

A mastectomy, either single or double, is a common treatment for women with breast cancer. If you are given the option and choose to undergo a mastectomy, here is some firsthand advice on things WhatNexters wish they had known before going into a mastectomy. From tips on preparing your home to asking your doctor about specific side effects, here are some things that might be helpful as you move forward with your breast cancer procedure. 

Mastectomy Checklist

I wish I had known...

How to Prepare My...

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