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An Awakening - 2 Time Survivor's Story

by GregP_WN

Today's Guest Blog Post is from Karen Rice, a two-time cancer survivor of breast and colon cancer. This is her story in her words. 

K. Rice 63years Of Age

When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer I reacted like many do; first thing came to mind was "a death sentence". However, I found out later it was truly "an awakening" for me, especially when I received bad news again later down the line. I was diagnosed with "colon cancer" a few years later, yet I'm still here to tell about them both. I first began...

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Living Your Best Life

by Jane Ashley

We often hear these words, “Living our best life as a cancer patient.” But what does this mean?

Live Out Best

Living my best life means living to the fullest … given my abilities, potential and current situation. It means that we don’t put off our hopes and dreams and find excuses for not doing them. Living our best is living up to our potential, but it also means that we will find ways to adapt to changes that occur in our life.

When Cancer Comes to Visit

So many of us hit the “pause” button when we...

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Victory Over Stage IV Metastatic Prostate Cancer

by GregP_WN

I am Jeff Poole, my diagnosis is stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. My journey began in the winter of 2014 when I started experiencing pain in my groin. I would later discover what I assumed was a pulled groin muscle to my surprise would turn out to be cancer.  

Image (1)

My pain seemed to be getting better until I slipped on the ice in January of 2015. In February, I went to my Doctor and after finding no muscle issues my doctor ordered blood work. When the blood work results came back,...

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Tips For Surviving The Holidays With Cancer

by Jane Ashley

Being in active treatment during the holidays is challenging in several ways. It’s supposed to be a time of joy and cheer, holiday travels and gift giving. But most of us who have been just diagnosed or are in active treatment don’t feel very festive. Let’s look at the challenges facing us and see how we can cope.

Coffee And Cookies

The stress of our diagnosis.

Seriously, how can anyone think that someone in active treatment will feel festive or feel like celebrating the holidays that come in December....

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Dancing With Cancer For The 4th Time

by GregP_WN

Every cancer patient has an elephant in the room, a hidden worry, a cloud hanging over them that only they can see. Every time we have a pain, a swollen lymph node, a bad headache, even a bad bowel movement, most of us probably think that the next diagnosis is here. 

Diagnosis #4

I have spent the last 11 years going through much of what I just described. There have probably been 50 different events that have turned out to be "nothing". I went to the ER once with excruciating stomach pain. With a...

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Give In, Give Up, or Give It Your All

by Jane Ashley

A WhatNext member’s post prompted me to find out who proclaimed, “In life, you have three choices. Give in, give up or give it your all.” Charleston Parker, a self-taught theologian and author of One Soul, Many Faces , wrote this sage advice in 2013. 

Give In Give Up Or Give It Your All (1)

He probably didn’t have a cancer diagnosis in mind when he penned this quote, but his quote seems to check all of the boxes when we or a loved one has cancer.

Give In

The term, “give in,” has several different meanings. It can mean to...

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5 Ways Cancer Affects Your Mouth And Dental Health

by Derek Edison

Cancer has, for a long time, been a pandemic among humans. What most people don't know is that a considerable number of cancer patients often end up with dental health problems before, during, and after treatment. Cancer is a severe and sometimes fatal disease, and people often ignore anything minor to focus on their cancer treatment plan. 

5 Ways Cancer Affects Your Mouth And Dental

It is, however, not a good idea to let your dental health get worse since this may lead to more complications. In such a scenario, the...

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Practical Tips For Caregivers

by Jane Ashley

Most of us are not prepared for the responsibilities that we assume when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. We instantly become a “CAREGIVER” — we don’t have any experience for role we are about to assume.

Help With Bathing

Just remember that every patient’s reactions to treatment are different — it helps to be flexible and adjust your routine as different needs arise. Never refuse an offer for help. Cancer treatment can take a long time. Accepting help from others will help prevent caretaker burnout.


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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month - Nov. 21 Is World Pancreatic Awareness Day

by Jane Ashley

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States — surpassing breast cancer — and is expected to surpass colon cancer deaths in 2020. Cancer deaths for other kinds of cancer are decreasing. 

Pancreatic Cancer Ribbon Vector 3124916

Unfortunately, death rates are increasing for pancreatic cancer; in fact, survival rates are virtually unchanged in the last 40 years.

Why? What can be done? Let’s learn more about why pancreatic cancer is so...

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Ringing The Bell

by Jane Ashley

Did you ring the bell after you finished chemotherapy or radiation? Or was your cancer center one of those who doesn’t provide a bell to ring at the end of treatment? Perhaps you are one of those who never even knew about “ringing the bell.”

Ring The Bell

How did the tradition begin of ringing the bell?

Tradition has it that “ringing the bell” began in 1996 at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Rear Admiral and former Navy Seal, Irve Le Moyne, a head and neck cancer patient, wrote a poem and installed a brass...

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