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CBD And Cancer - What Does The Science Say?

by GregP_WN

CBD and Cancer – What Does the Science Say?

Humans have been searching for a cure for cancer for centuries. Even modern technology has only taken us so far. The newest hope is that cannabidiol, or CBD, will become the latest miracle cure that actually works.


Though the science does not yet definitively support many of the claims being made about CBD and its use as a cancer therapy, the research is bound to continue. Now that hemp production is legal by federal government dictates and...

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Drinking Alcohol During or After Cancer

by GregP_WN

Can You Drink Alcohol After Cancer Treatment?

Soking And Alcohol

The number of people surviving cancer is expected to continue to rise in the US in the following years. This is largely thanks to early detection and effective treatment. When people undergo cancer treatment, they can often feel that their life is on hold and cannot do the simple things they enjoy, such as enjoying a glass of wine with friends. Alcohol can interact with chemotherapy drugs, while also worsen some of the side effects of...

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Keep On Swimming

by Jane Ashley

Cancer is one of those maladies that takes a long time in treatment and a long time afterward in surveillance. Cancer can be likened to a marathon — we must pace ourselves to reach the finish line — we must be patient, and we can’t give up. No matter how tired we are, we must dig a little deeper to find the strength and the will to persevere.

Keep On Swimming

Have you felt like you couldn’t continue? Have you just wanted to give up? You are not alone. Almost all of us get overwhelmed from time to time.


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November Cancer Awareness Month Salutes Several Types of Cancer

by Jane Ashley

November is a busy month when it comes to cancer awareness. We honor those whose lives have been touched by carcinoid, lung, pancreatic and stomach cancer. November is the month that we acknowledge the importance of our caregivers. November is also the NHL (National Hockey League) Fights Cancer month and No Shave November.

Great American Smokeout

November 21st is the World Pancreatic Cancer Day as well as the Great American Smokeout.

Each of us believes that “our” cancer is the most important — yet we learn so...

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Cancer Care - Reflections From A Caregiver

by Miguel Barron

In 2019, I published a book entitled The Boxer’s Corner. The book was a semi-real time account of my experience as a caregiver during my late wife’s battle with metastatic cancer. In the book I recount the pain, frustration and isolation I felt in my role as husband, father and caregiver during my wife’s agonizing battle.

Cancer Care Miguel

But in addition to the human component of our experience, the book also touched on a number of issues relating to her treatment that I believe exposed shortcomings in her...

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The Flu Shot - What You Need To Know

by Jane Ashley

There seems to be an anti-vaccination movement afoot in our country. We’ve seen the results with a severe outbreak of measles this year.
Rumors, myths and untruths run rampant every fall about the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine. The CDC takes disease prevention seriously — preventing major flu outbreaks is a high priority. What are some of the myths

One Little Stick

Can the flu shot give you the flu? No. Flu shots do not contain live flu viruses.

It’s better to get the flu than get the flu...

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Secrets to Living A Meaningful Life After Cancer

by Jane Ashley

The diagnosis of cancer is traumatic and life-altering, but we work through our fears and begin treatment. Some treatment periods are only three or four months while others may require a year or more. And once we’ve completed our treatment, we face five years of surveillance to detect a recurrence at its earliest stage.

No One Should Feel Guilty

Every cancer survivor will admit that it is a daunting challenge to learn how to live again after treatment ends. We remember our cancer treatment because of its lingering...

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Surviving Stage IV Tonsil Cancer - 7 Years and Counting

by Debbie Pepin

Editor's note: Our Guest Blog Post today is from Debbie Pepin, a 7 year survivor of head and neck cancer. (tonsil) She shares her story from going to an annual health exam to being a cancer patient fighting for her life. 

Debbie Pepin3

Healthy, happy and busy, at an annual exam my GP suggested I show my enlarged right tonsil to an ENT in February 2011. I hadn’t known that we have 3 sets of tonsils – the palatine are what people usually refer to that are on both sides of the back of our throat. The...

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Survivor's Guilt - It's Real and How You Can Cope

by Jane Ashley

Survivor’s guilt happens to many people — survivors of an airplane crash where other passengers died, September 11th survivors of the Twin Towers, survivors of mass shootings. Most cancer survivors have never thought about survivor’s guilt . When we are diagnosed, we are focused on our treatment and hoping that we’ll survive. The thought that we’ll feel guilty about surviving never enters our minds.

Every Person Is Different

But then, someone who was in treatment at the same time succumbs to their disease or they...

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Things You Should Know About Brain Tumors

by Jane Ashley

A brain tumor is a growth of abnormal cells within our brain. Some are non-cancerous, i.e., benign. Other tumors in the brain are cancerous. 

Men Are More Likely To Develop Brain Cancer

These cancerous tumors are one of two types:

• Primary – this is a tumor that begins in our brain.
• Secondary/Metastatic – this is where cancer begins to grow somewhere else in our body and spreads to our brain.

Almost 24,000 adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with primary brain tumors annually. More men have brain tumors than women — about 57...

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