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Patient: Breast Cancer

Patient Info: Finished active treatment more than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: about 8 years ago, Female, Age: 87, Stage IV, ER Positive: Yes, PR Positive: Yes

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    about 8 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery

    The effects of the chemo were not minimal and I carried on as normally as I could. Only threw up at end of treatment. Radiation made me tired. Except for arthritis, I have felt fine. I did exercise daily and walked a lot. Bone pain increased this past summer. I just thought it was the arthritis. When it began to throb a few weeks ago, I got worried, with good reason. I need to know how others have coped with the pain with dignity and grace as that is how I wish to proceed. I still exercise and walk but not with much enthusiasm. I am a fair weather walker and have a wonderful track nearby. My family ( 3 children) are all out of town which is hard as I am very close to them. Friends have been exceptional. I don'd like to talk much about this as I don't want them to watch me closely for signs of decline! And, I don't want them to feel sorry for me. I have told them, however, they have to be nicer to me now. I also told them I would do my best to continue to be a pain in the XXX!

    Went as Expected: Agree
    Minimal Recovery: Agree
    Minimal Side Effects: Agree
    Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Agree