embracinglife's Journey with Prostate Cancer

Patient: Prostate Cancer

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: almost 11 years ago, Male, Age: 64

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    over 10 years ago
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    Cancer has spread/Metastasized

    Oh No

    Was recently diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, bonescan showed "Hotspots" in ribs, femer, hip. Also present in lymph nodes. From all the research I am doing it appears to be the most common progression,,,, My original symptom was difficulty urinating,,,,, Besides that I feel absolutely fine ? Doctors say it's too late for surgery etc.. I have started hormone therapy (Casodex injection & daily Bicalutamide ) vitamin supplements (Calcium and D ) along with flomax. I have radically altered my diet, no more sugar or foods with high sugar content ( Tropical fruit), Red meat , eggs, white bread, white rice ,potatoes, dairy ( milk, cheese) fried foods, high fat foods , saturated fat etc. Eating lots of "Organic" salad (No dressing just some fresh lemon juice ) cauliflower , cabbage , broccoli , garlic, tomatoes,onions, lentils, yams. My protein consists of wild salmon, sardines , beans , a few anchovies etc. My bread is Rye Scandinavian crackers. Also eating pumpkin seeds, walnut’s, filberts and steel cut oatmeal with fresh organic cranberries. Doctor called me on my birthday with the diagnosis,,, Oct 9th 2011,,,,lost 25 lbs so far. looking for anyone out there who shares or has been in same scenario.... In the meantime I am waking up embracing life and praying for another day.