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Family/Friend: Colorectal (Colon) Cancer

Patient Info: Diagnosed: over 8 years ago, Female, Age: 50, Stage IV

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    No idea it was there. Juicing is really helping

    Oh No

    Internal hemorrhoids with bleeding turned out to be a large mass found through colonoscopy(spelling?). When my daughter started having children (2) she had a large vein going down the interior and front of her leg that was removed due to painful varicose. When she started having discomfort this year she thought it was hemorrhoids from that vein. The timeframe of the bleeding starting to being diagnosed with stage 4 was less than 4 months. Would have been sooner but had to wait for an appointment. We went to Moffit because the hospital here and surgeons are not up to date. Moffit gave us a chemo plan and the treatments are being administered locally. The diet plan they gave her seemed intense without supplements. We have a nutritional company and product that the entire family uses daily. We bought a heavy duty juicer and started buying all kinds of organic veggies. She stopped the weight loss in the first 2 weeks of a half a pound a day. She gets Almond Milk smoothie's with banana, natural peanut butter plus our products that are super foods and whey protein 2 times a day. Then she drinks an assortment of veggies from the juicer once a day. We have continued this day in day out. No refined sugar, little to no meat. Homemade soups with fat removed when meat used. We try to give her starch in the forms of pasta and white bread which is easily broken down. She doesn’t seem to like potatoes at all now. All I can say to everyone is juicing makes an incredible difference. Thee are receipes dedicated to cancers. We found that the stem of a pineapple about the first 2 inches from the yellow portion where the leaves are connected. Is an actual cancer fighting food. Who knew? Not me. You have to pull off the leaves and then you have a pure white stalk that according to books is to be juiced. You can add other veggies to it or have it along with the yellow fruit section. But don’t throw it away… I am one caregiver in our family. The kids, her husband, his parents, we all have pitched in to try to beat this terrible diagnosis. With positive thoughts, Gods help, good nutrition, and up to date medical professionals we should at least have equal footing with this attack on her body. I will try my best to keep updated comments on this site. I sure hope we have good positive happenings that will help everyone that finds this. My prayers are with you.