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Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: over 4 years ago, Female, Age: 36, Stage IB

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    over 4 years ago
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    adenocarcinoma cervical cancer and 4 months planned pregnancy

    Oh No

    I cant believe my wonderful daughter has cervical cancer:( Is there anyone who has had this situation that could help with what treatment they recieved? My daughter has been told she has stage 1b adenocarcinoma cervical cancer and they say she should have complete hystorectamy:( She is 4 months pregnant and they have been uncertain on two tests about the type of cancer until they went in and took the 2cm tumor and 1cm of the cervix out and checked it. Does anyone have the same experience and what treatment????besides hystorectomy with safe statistics? Please let me know????? Desperate mom:(