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Patient: Breast Cancer > Invasive (Infiltrating) Ductal Carcinoma

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: almost 8 years ago, Female, Age: 52, Stage II, HER2 Positive: Don't Know, ER Positive: Don't Know, PR Positive: Don't Know

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    almost 8 years ago
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    Couldn't believe that I have Cancer.

    Oh No

    A lump came up overnight and I thought it would be nothing but I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer. I was overwhelmed. I not very fearful at this point because I have not seen the oncologist yet. My only fear is being a single Mom and I have just moved away from my family to a new state and don't have anyone here for me except my 13 year old daughter. That would be my greatest fear at this point because I have faith and believe that God will take care of me.