Maxie7300's Journey with Non-Small Cell, Lung Cancer

Survivor: Lung Cancer > Non-Small Cell

Patient Info: Finished active treatment less than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: almost 12 years ago, Male

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    Oh No

    Was diagnosed/biopsy with lung cancer, small tumor in upper right lobe. Then a year later was diagnosed with prostate cancer after biopsy. Did a lot of homework based on the information given me by a pulmonary breathing test tech. Her father had had just about the same diagnosis and she told me about CyberKnife. Really researched CyberKnife treatment via, the maker of CyberKnife machines. To me if possible this is the only way to go as it is so free of side effects and beats surgery and chemo which is pushed by most doctors as their is probably not a machine near where you live. Had 4 outpatient CyberKnife treatments and all follow up CTs have shown the tumor is gone and only a small amount of scar tissue is left. You just cant beat this. A lot of doctors dont even know what CyberKnife is and will not mention it as they want to keep the $$$$ at home in their system and they will push surgery , chemo and other type of radiation. A year after lung diagnosis i was diagnosed with prostate cancer and went thru CyberKnife at Parkview North Hosp, Ft. Wayne, IN. Super cancer center there. Again my PSA has dropped to .01 via CyberKnife and a couple of hormone shots. I am just amazed by what CyberKnife can do with no discomfort or side effects that standard radiation has. So i recommend anyone with a new diagnosis of cancer check out CyberKnife. Also have had a lot of skin cancers surgically removed, with the very best outcome at The Skin & Lazer Center, St. Vincents Hosp, Carmel, IN. Dr Hanke is a world class skin cancer doctor who does amazing things with Moh's Surgery.

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