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Patient Info: Finished active treatment less than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: over 10 years ago, Male, Age: 78

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    I am a 70 y/o male, still very active, working part-time and very scared. In Jun 2010 I underwent a radical prostatectomy with a Gleason of 9. Although occupying 50% of the prostate and near a margin, there was no breakthrough of the margin, no seminal vesicle or node involvement. PSAs dropped to <0.008 until Dec 2011. Two PSAs since then have been 0.02 & 0.03. My surgeon recommended salvage radiation. The radiation oncologist recommended a 5 week course of radiation, a repeat PSA and another 11/2 weeks of radiation. The reason for the break is to see if the PSA decreases - if not, stop and move to hormone therapy as the cancer has metastasized. For a second opinion, I went to a major university cancer center in our city. The urologist strongly disagreed with radiation, due to side-effects, no evidence it will help, with my high Gleason, and would watch PSAs until about 0.2 and institute hormone therapy. Although, he did refer me to one of his radiation oncologists for another opinion. My wife and I came home today and cried together over this apparent dismal outlook and confusion. If there is a chancre the cancer has not spread past the surgery site, why not try radiation? I'd rather try than let this opportunity go by. Is there anyone out there with a similar experience or any advice. We're contemplating a trip to MD Anderson for a 3rd opinion??? Thanks, MantoMan

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