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Patient Info: Diagnosed: over 9 years ago, Male, Age: 65

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    Oh No

    I was diagosed with prostate cancer on January 11, 2012, 1 day after turning 56. My most recent PSA score was 4.40, so I decided to have a biopsy. The results confirmed the dreaded diagnosis, with a gleason score of 7. A gleason score of 6 gives people the option of doing " active surveillance ", but with a gleason 7, my 2 available options were radiation or surgery. Everyone, including the radiologist agreed that due to my age, surgery was the best option. Radiation turns the area around the prostate into a " mushy " state, and eliminates the surgery option should the cancer return. I have met with my urologist who studied at Cleveland Clinic in both the Lap procedure as well as Robotics, but unfortunately, my city doesn't have the Divinci machine for robotics. I have met with a robotics surgeon in Detroit ( Henry Ford Hospital ), and plan to meet with a skilled surgeon in London, Ontario ( where they do have a Divinci machine ). I'm leaning towards doing the robotics surgery, but have been told that the skill of the surgeon is the key component. I have been told to expect short term incontency and ED issues, but due to my age, good physical conditioning, and no ED or incontency issues - I have an 85% chance to regain full potency in 1-12 months. It's important to research all the important questions to ask when meeting with your Doctors, and my wife has been my savior. She googled " questions to ask about Prostate cancer ", and we went in fully prepared when meeting with potential surgeons. My older brother ( 64 years old ), had prostate cancer surgery last year ( robotics ), and he is doing great. After my biopsy results came back positive, I had a cat scan and bone scan, which were both clear. This point to the cancer being totally encased in the prostate, which will hopefully be confirmed after the surgery. PSA tests will be conducted on a regular basis after surgery, and if they come back at .1 or less, all is good. I plan on scheduling surgery in March or April, and will work diligently towards a full recovery !