Freddie's Journey with Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer

Spouse/Partner: Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer

Patient Info: Finished active treatment more than 5 years ago, Diagnosed: almost 24 years ago, Female, Age: 68

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    Kidney damage

    Side Effects

    I was with my first wife for 22 years She died from Cancer. Down the road I met & fell in love with another woman..When it came to my attention that she was bleeding constantly from her vagina, I brought her to the E.R. They had her on the operating table that evening. They informed us that she had cancer in her uteris. We consulted with a noted cancer doctor & he said she had 2 kinds of cancer, one was common & the other was very rare and he'd never seen anyone survive it more than a month or two, and that she should get her affairs in order because she certainly would be dead within 2 months tops. When we got home she cried and said see you later. I said what do you mean. She said I'm going to die and I don't want you to lose your paid for home & business from medical bills. I said in the first place don't listen to that man, nobody knows everything and in the second place if you die, I do not want to go on anyway. We talked to other people which led to research and ended up deciding to go with conventional surgery but no chemotherapy and follow up with ESSIAC TEA (look it up online). She had the cancer in her uteris surgically removed, successfully & had followup low dosage radiation therapy (the cancer surgeon talked us into this). The last event of this was a radioactive 'candle' inserted in her vagina. This has caused her ongoing problems. Organs damaged from the radiation had to be removed - Gall Bladder, Appendix, part of her bowl (she had to have an illeostomy operation which has caused many problems), her bones were weakened & when she fell down because of a Renal failure, she broke her hip & had a total hip replacement, while in rehab for hip physical therapy she was informed of her kidney problem. She is presently having hemodialysis 5 days a week & I am in training to give her dialysis at home. To give dialysis two access places have to be available, one for blood to be sucked from your body & the other for return of the now filtered blood. At the beginning she had an emergency CVC inserted into her chest, one tube goes to an artery & the other directly to her heart. This is very dangerous because of the possibility of infection entering such a vital area & a cvc is supposed to be very temporary. The preferred access is a FISTULA where they connect an artery to a straight length of vein which expands from all the volume now going through it. They did a vein mapping on her and decided her veins were too small to accomplish this so the last option was to put in a GRAFT which is a plastic tube connecting an artery to a straight length of vein. Unfortunately the doctor had to cut her arm open in five different places to find a place that would work. This worked o.k. for a couple weeks and then failed. They tried to repair it a few times unsuccessfully. They had to operate again to put in another temporary CVC in her chest. I brought her to a different doctor who found an ideal place in her other arm where he thinks a FISTULA would flourish. It's been two weeks since this operation and we saw him today & things are really looking up about the future of it being usable.We're really praying about this because on Feb. 21st she is scheudled to have both of her kidneys removed because one doesn't work at all & the other just a little. They both have been infected for a long time, she has been incontinent for a long time and her Urologist feels she'd be better off without them. No more diapers (which are expensive & smelly too), infection would be gone, & she wouldn't have to have the stent in each of her kidneys changed every 2 months. We are nervous about the kidneys both being removed- it just seems so final. It makes my eyes leak thinking about all this. I love her so much. What I was hoping for was advice on diet. Dialysis filters many nutrients from a persons body so a renal diet is mandatory to continue living. At the same time, my lifemate had an illeostomy & has no gall bladder. Many things seem to just go straight through her & out into her ostomy bag. Does anyone have any counsel regarding any of the above.Finally I would like to say that we personally feel that ESSIAC TEA was very beneficial to curing her cancer as well as 14 other people we know who actually decided to give it a try when we told them about it and are also still alive. The downside of all this is I no longer have a business with 5 employes because I decided that I wanted to spend the last couple months of this wonderful woman I'd fallen in love withs life with her giving it our best shot to beat the odds. You just can't give even the most loyal customers poor service for very long before they go somewhere else. It didn't help that the economic climate was going south. Money & things come and go. We're financially struggling but here it is 15 years later and my lovely new bride is still with me and I love her so much. peace & grace to you Fred & BobbieNell