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Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: over 9 years ago, Female, Age: 38, Stage I

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    Oh No

    July of 2010 I felt a small bump on the roof of my mouth. I wondered how long it had been there until I realized it. I went to my dentist who referred me to an oral surgeon. I went to the oral surgeon who took a biopsy. The biopsy came back as a blocked salivary gland. The oral surgeon said that he would cut the lump out but I wasnt running to get it done. I asked the oral surgeon if I had to get it done it right away and he didnt seem concerned at all about it. The lump didnt bother me at all. It didnt hurt and didnt get in the way of eating so I figured I would live with it for now. Fast forward to November of 2011, I was 5 months pregnant, and still with the lump. I went to a different dentist to get a checkup and to find out about the lump because it felt slightly bigger. This dentist seemed very concerned and said you must go to an oral surgeon to find out about this. I went to see a different oral surgeon who did another biopsy and this time it came back as cancer!

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    Procedure or Surgery

    I had surgery to remove the tumor on the hard palate in my mouth on April, 13, 2012. Surgeon wasn't sure how the surgery would go until we were in the operating room because he couldn't tell from the scans if the cancer went into the bone. Thankfully, it had not but to be safe he removed some bone which has left me a hole in the roof of my mouth. I have to wear an obturator. Without wearing this everyday I cannot speak, drink, or eat food.

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