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Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: over 8 years ago, Female, Age: 79

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    My Mom, age 71, in Arlington-VA, was just diagnosed in January with 2 golf ball size Glioblastoma tumors. Due to being connected to vision related tissue, operation is not considered a good option. Mom is entering her 2nd week of Stereotactic Radiation Therapy, and Temodar chemo pill. As for symptoms, she is having Alszheimers-like symptoms: it has disabled her short term memory, and recognition of places around her, e.g. she cannot recognize her rooms,home,neighborhood of 40 years. Thankfully, it has not effected her ability of speach, nor her memory & recognition of people, and she is not suffering physically. Something that would be a huge help, would be someone to help my dad in the house during the week. Right now, he is still maintaining the household (clothes, dishes, food, tidying), which makes it super tough to be able to devote all his focus lovingly on Mom. One of the symptoms it have given her is a pension for rummaging through, picking at, and swirling clothes into piles (which are attempts to straghten them out). To speak to her, she can intelligably express that she is trying to get the *stuff* cleaned up. I live 3 hours away in NJ, and I am visiting & helping on weekends. Mom still really lights up when offered love and joy, and I don't want Dad to miss the opportunity to enjoy that with his lifelong sweetheart. Due to the Alzheimer's-like symptoms, Dad is scrambling to care of her, cleaning up after her, and taking care of the house. So, he is not getting to relax and enjoy his time with her. I am really hoping for a way to free my dad up to enjoy time & embrace my Mom, as her prognosis is still a big question mark. Anyone know of a way to get in-house help for my Dad for during the week? I'm gonna reach out to his church to see if they can help.

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