EsmeraldaAnn's Journey with Thyroid Cancer

Patient: Thyroid Cancer

Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: over 9 years ago, Female, Age: 27

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    over 9 years ago
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    Oh No

    For about a year I was experiencing severe nausea and abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with three ulcers and was told my food wasn't digesting correctly in February of 2011. I was seeing a children's doctor at the time because I had not yet turned eighteen. I was recently referred to a new Gastroenterologist, who wanted to start a few small tests before doing any major tests. He started with blood work that same day. While he was examining me, he noticed that my thyroid looked abnormal, so he filled out some paperwork for an ultrasound. Once he got the results back he called and told my mother and I that it was indeed abnormal. So he then filled out papers for a thyroid biopsy, (which hurt!). They sent the samples off to the Pathologist. My doctor said that if they found anything unusual, they would call me in three days. While I waited, I prayed everyday that the test results came back fine. My mom got a call on the third day, and was given the results...I had officially been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

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    over 9 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery

    I was operated on April 16th, 2012. After surgery I couldn't really talk much and wasn't allowed to cough. They said I needed to let my throat form a blood clot, and if I needed to cough to clean my throat. I had extremely bad congestion and it was so hard to not cough! They put me on a liquid diet for two days and it helped tremendously. Finally on the third day I got to eat solids, take a much needed shower, and GO HOME! My check up was on April 26th, and I got my stitches out! But I was told that it is cancer, so they have to go back in and take out my right side of my thyroid, which is scheduled for June 15th. But almost a month later, recovering is going great!

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